My rhymes


    Journey from Cotton fields to Rose garden

The story begins long time ago on the cotton fields of southern part of America. It is a story about a black man, which remain legendary even at our time. Like most of Negros in his days, he works as a slave in the big farm plantation across the southern part of America. However, there was just this different thing about him that kept him as an icon among his peoples and his especial thing was his BLACK DIARY.

Unlike his friends the black men is not in rush to give his body a break after having a hard day at the farm field. Rather he sat dawn and meditates about his day. He contemplates about what he did throughout his day and he goes to sleep after he save his day memory in his soul. Eventhouh he is proud of his soul and mind that enables him to remember the best and hard times. He was so sure of the fact that one day his ability to memorize and record will deny him and fade away by conspiring with time. In addition, a question of how to assure the continuity of his memorable days remains unanswered until he dreams a dream that gives a relief to his wonderment.

One day unlike all the other day, the black man did not meditate about his day or save his memory in his soul, rather he fall asleep before he know it. It was in his dreams that he meets elder men that has got a kinky hair white as snow and whispering his age, he also have got an eye that glows like a moon on his darker face, a calmness created by the accordance of his ocean body and stormy emotions.
Elder man couldn’t hide his happiness and says
‘Black man you were the right person that I have been waiting for so long to meet and to give you this advice, an advice that you will be taking from me as a beacon and pass it to our grand children’s’.
Black man responded in no time to learn the message of the elder man .saying,
“What advice are you talking about and who are you?”
Elder man said
“You see young men” looking the black man through his eyes
“You and I share something in common and that is our original root. I came from the original place of your African ancestors. I was amongst those peoples who firstly arrived here by slavery.’
The black man was curious and thrilled by the gesture to meet a person that was raised from a place where he was told as his original root called Africa.

Black man, “what can you tell me about Africa, the people, the place and everything?”

Elder man, “black man,” says his eyes summoning his tears to his eyes

“This is the question that I was not able to answer and I feel regretful for that.”
The elder man continues to speak after he grit’s his teeth and harness the energy to precede his tale and said
“I will tell you this important thing so that you can cut the shackle of ignorance before it tied you like the way it did to me.”
The black man was a bit frustrated for not having his answer as he expected but he didn’t want to end his discussion because having a chance to have a word with a man that was raised in his original root by itself was one great thing for him.

The elder man kept telling his tale
“When I was in Africa”, his eyes gazing on the cotton fields in which his eyes won’t have the power to put a limit to the field extension, once again he said
“When I was in Africa I have a diary called soul diary that I inherited it from my fathers.”
Black men interrupted and said
“What’s this soul diary thing?”

Elder man said
“You know black men; your grand fathers were good at recording their past stories not only on books but also on their soul. They know each and every detail about their moments. Like moments they have best season for harvesting, sad moments that they lost their loved ones and so on. And we call this thing soul diary”
There were no interruption from the black man to ask a question and the elder keeps telling his tale.

Elder man “As I said I left my home when I was a young boy with my small soul diary that have got many unwritten pages .my diary wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pain of departing from my native land and loved ones. The feeling of departure from my family was as strong as an ocean current hitting my soul and washing away my happiness like sand on a beach. It was not also strong enough to with stand the hard time tears that were engulfing those words written on tears of joy during better days. After we arrived to America there was only a small part of my soul diary that was left the rest was washed away during the hard journey of Atlantic Ocean. I also lost the pen that was filled with the ink of joy from my hand while they tide me with chains of despair .but that didn’t stop me from writing my soul diary with a pen that was filled with an ink of pain”

The sun was rising from the mountains to answer the call of the birds, while the Negros was coming out of their home following the call of their masters.
“Black man wake up its’ time…”was the unfortunate sound that compelled the black men to leave the elder man story unfinished and to go back to his daily duty.

Even though the black men start his day with unanswered question asking himself,
“What could be the message that the elder man want to transfer?”
But finally at the end of the day black man came to a conclusion saying.

‘I must know how to read and write well so that I won’t be meeting the same fate like the elder man, so that I can write my soul diary in a book that won’t fade away by the friction of harder days’.
From that day on to his dying day, he wrote the occasions and the names of people that were drivers in the journey from cotton fields to Rose Garden. At his final will, he gave a command to a generation that was ready to heir his diary telling them.
“It is time for you to take charge and keep documenting the story of black people. I don’t want you to forget writing the names of those people in which their achievements is like an oasis on the deserted heart of black people giving shade of hope from the burning sun of racism and scorching heat of segregation in which their achievements keep the journey of freedom alive by fueling determination and courage on the heart of black people.”
Finally, the black man passed to human inevitable fate after addressing his message clearly to the next generations.
Children’s of this black man start their journey to the house that was built by their slave fathers. during their journey they documented everything from American civil war to the emancipation proclacmation,from Selma marching to a song saying “we shall overcome” ,to a woman named Rosa Park who refuses to leave her sit for white people to” I have a dream” speech, from Mohammed Ali refusal to fight in Vietnam to Malcolm X and Marthin assassination .
On January 20 /2008, children of black men journey find its crucial destination at Rose Garden and those who were able to arrive at the final destination honored the contribution of their fathers and mothers. These generations of the black man promised to take this journey to a place where freedoms never have arrived. The first episode of the Black Man Diary book with its title called “journey from cotton field to rose garden” was shelved on a shelve that was built from their fathers bones and polished by their blood.

We named you as peace
high school days were peaceful like vatican doves
Your life used to be flawless like crystal
High school was place where you dribble words like a basketball and score points in a rap battle
Came to this town of unlucky, a place that shakes without quake
No-matter how bumpy the life road can be, you keep riding like Ferrari
NO-matter how darker the day looks; you live with the light of better days
They hate you cuz you are a mirror, always reflecting their evilness & error
Like Judah sold Jesus, they thought you will trade with your peace
They only knew about Thursday crucifixion not Sunday resurrection
They want you to terrorize your soul and blow your confidence like twin towers
“A blessing in disguise” was your word when you clean your closet from aider
So keep digging their grave with your success, cause you doing a big favor for dead walking bodies
Fighter like you got a freedom bond, with all the greatest people that come and goes on
Fighter like you ain’t dealing her dreams ,with blind dudes that only dream nightmares
Be thankful for the love and respect you got from real homeys like me
You got a spirit that boost their Blood pressure causing them a seizure
See your Pain as a ladder, once you made it to the top no need to look back
Your tears won’t pour for nothing they are just lubricating your harder moments
Refuel and reenergize your soul with a smile, galvanize your heart with confidence
I always press like button on my mind for your survival and lol for my pain
Black and white is your life, black for the enemy white for real homey


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