Nobel travels from US to China
It was on last year that president barrack obama announced as the year 2009 Nobel peace prizewinner. His award was something that have not been received in good intention by many people’s across the world, who believe it was inappropriate to award a president that have not even completed a tangible thing to the world but only for giving hope. Even president barrack obama stated his award as, to early and unexpected one for him and which puts a lot pressure on him in order to make the award a worthy one.
After a year this prize travels thousands miles and landed in china but not to its leader Wen Xia Bo rather to a Chinese dissident name Liu Xia Bo. The nomination of these Chinese dissident was strongly condemned by china. Following china act many countries like Sudan, Iraq and Egypt boycotted from attending the event fearing not to endanger their strong economic ties with china. Liu Xia Bo was not able to attend Oslo event because of his imprisonment, in which many related his detention for his freedom of expression. His wife has also been house detained prior to the event so that she will not be able to attend the Oslo ceremony representing her husband. Despite his absence to the event liu xiabo remains an iconic figure in the dimmed Chinese freedom struggle.


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