No Country For Young Bright Man

The depressing moment of my life started to take effect the moment I heard about Zone9ners arrest.I have never felt threatened,scared and confused  like the way I did when young brilliant and caring minds were tossed to one of the notorious prison Maekelawi.Maekelawi is a place that is designed and built by tyranny architects who want to suck,drain and darken our passion for a better Ethiopia.

I was always thinking that Reeyot,Eskinder and Andualem among many other will be the last prisoners of consciousness that’s why I was so shocked hearing the arrest of Zone9ners.

A lot has been said about Zone9ners and I am not going to repeat that but I have learnt one thing clearly and that is No Ethiopia For Young  Bright Man and Woman.You may have a photo with Secretary Kerry but you have a country that pays you back with torture,you may express your opinion genuinely without no other agenda but you will be tossed to jail or insisted to may have impressive professional and academic record but your loyalty with the tyranny values most to build your Ethiopia dream.

To Be Continued 


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