What Zone9ners Are

10171092_10202453890641926_1345772070699107942_n (1)If you are part of a group of people who care for the nation then you gone have to make sure your business card includes prison as your office address.That what exactly happened to Zone9ners,
-They are not the type of guys who build their body and malnourished their mind
-They are not like those university intellectuals who can’t even agree with their students let alone have a national agenda to build the nation
-They are not the young man and woman who are environmental friendly with khat
-Zone9ners are not like those anonymous social media characters who advocate hate and racism
Zone9ners are engineers,lawyers,journalists,statisticians,bloggers,caring,loving,humorous,beautiful,brothers,sisters,daughters,sons.
They are bulldozing injustice with their keyboard and pen.Zone9ners collaborators can be those who liked,shared,favorite,tweeted their posts.Their collaborators can be just friends who have had tea with them.
Unlike those in public office who are busy with silencing our voices Zone9ners are serving their nation from the tiny cell of Kaliti to the torture hall of Maekelawi without breaking their commitment for justice and freedom.


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