Care Like Zone9ers

ImageWe have witnessed countless times when history degrades freedom fighters as terrorist and again when history erases its statement with a time rubber and honors those who once have been labeled terrorist as heroes.

Zone9 are the reflection of our day to day life, they all are young man and woman who are educated and what they are picturing for our country excel the mind frame of the tyranny.Zone9 are not just bloggers who care but they are part of our lives, they are sisters, brothers, friends, daughters and sons of a families in which their absence can impact as much as their presence.

Zone9 took the sacrifice to burn their skin with the tyranny torture but light our hope with their smile even in the face of gun mouth.Zone9 is the past the present and the future, many like them have travelled the same road before and they all say it’s worth it. It’s worth it to slave your body and liberate your mind.

There are many who fill their stomach until they brain start to digest nothing but their food and there are people like zone9 who fill their mind with thoughts of caring.

When we say free zone9ners we are not also forgetting Edom,Tesfalem,Reeyot,Eskinder and many others but zone9ners proved the power of unity.




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