Ethiopian Intellectual vs Ethiopian Livestock

I was raised in a family who were also raised & grew up in Addis Ababa a town that reflects the beauty of harmony.Race has never been much of an issue in a place like Addis where all the people from all corners of the nation come to build the Ethiopian Dream.Eventhough we were prideful of our race I can assure you that the vast Addis Ababians are disgusted by a system that tag your race in your identity card.
I was awakened by the race issue after joining campus after witnessing the recruitment of student cadres based on their race rather than their ideology.Their political participation was compartmentalized by ethnicity as a result there was no space for a broader dialogue on national agenda.
I never reflected a view that rejects the recognition of ethinicity but I am very against a system that divided us based on our ethnicity & denied us the opportunity in providing a platform that lets us to build #theethiopiandream.
The system is restructuring the race issue in a way that destroy our harmony.companies like EFFORT are recruiting based on political affilation & ethnicity while their business is operational in all parts of the nation;currently language is being used as a tool of barrier from working in all parts of the nation.Ethnicity first move is trashing the recognition of the others by denying opportunities & distorting history.Language should be a tool to channel knowledge instead of a criteria to reject your competency.The word Fikir in Amharic can’t have a Hate translation in Oromigna or Tigrigna but if you tag words like #neftegna #woyane …the term will be affected by the speaker identity.
The world is changing & pulling toward a globalized village,unification & multilateral cooperation but it doesn’t mean our identity is erased.For Greece to be rescued by Germans they didn’t format their identity & installed a German culture,the secret ingredient for Americans to become great was their ability to build a system that allows anyone to function & to be judged by their performance.Their state of mind didn’t stop them from electing a black president eventhough they knew 50 years ago blacks were not legit to vote.
On the contrary the unrepresentative pig officals & intellectuals from gov & opposition camps are still busy in distorting history in their favor to manipulate the mass poor farmer who remain uneducated but polished with wisdom of life.All races in Ethiopia were victim of all the governance by a degree that varies but they were all Ethiopian.As Ethiopian we have to share eacother pain instead of tagging #rawandasyndrome.
During my little month exposure in the rural parts of #oromia,#tigray & #amhara I was able to witness a broader & uniform image among the society in which all of them suffers from extreme poverty,food security,electricity & clean water shortage.But these farmers are not busy in tracing & checking my background rather they were restless in making me comfortable so that I can address & solve their issue.
For a farmer in Amhara #teddyafro appraisal for #menelik & for a farmer in oromia #jewar campaign #boycottbedelle won’t make sense more than the moan of their cattles,a farmer in Tigray don’t have time to assure the continuity of the late PM mourning.Amid all these facts those of us who were able to count a bit ABCD & who knows how to log in are doing less contribution than the farmer livestock.
For a farmer it makes more sense to mourn more for a cattle he lost than the passing of an intellectual who is survived by the fruit of its vengenance.
#embeembe #kukulu #muomuo


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