Rebirth of Opposition in Ethiopia

The year 2005 in E.C marks a reviving political movement after napping for almost 8 years.The activism and awakening believed to get momentum for the following stated reasons.
1-Late PM-After the death of the late PM,TPLF was more focused on re-positioning it’s control in EPRDF so as not to lose control due to the appointment of a leader that was not part of their camp.The struggle for power control let for the creation of different groups(the old guerrillas,the young reformers,……) because of this the party wasn’t able to focus on evolving oppositions.
2-Anti-Terrorism-Law,after the passing of the Anti Terrorism Law around 12 journalist including 2 Swedish were jailed.Unlike the old days the prisoners of mind remain defiant by rejecting a pardon bargains that scores negatives to their activism.These in return pushed one of Ethiopia strong ally US to draft Ethiopian Human Rights Act Bill.After congressman Smith openly warned Ethiopian gov to face consequences for continuation of crackdown it was considered as a triumph for oppositions based in US.Dr Birhanu Nega invitation to the senate hearing Ethiopian gov was seen as a loser in the game of labeling oppositions as terrorists.
3-Religious Intervention-For many still the Ethiopian Muslims affair remain unclear since most of the information was hijacked and poisoned by gov medias.The call for the release of the Muslim leaders was altered with a reckless allegation that label them as terrorist and extremist despite that a year has passed since a peaceful and sustained rally started.Their quest was also acknowledged by western states and international medias.The different BASED ON LIE STORY documentaries that were fabricated by ETV wasn’t able to alter the course of the movement rather intensifying and making itself a best tool to recruit new activists to the group.
4-Semayawi Party and Andinet Party-The existence of Semayawi party didn’t score more than a year but they were successful is staging the first largest opposition rally after 8 years of fasting public demonstration. Eventhough the party lacks the manpower and clear agendas it was enough for the people to show their oppostion to EPRDF more than support for a young party.After Semayawi effect other oppositions like Andinet Party were active in a coordinated,peaceful campaigns that called as a Million Voice March that calls for the anti-terrorism law to be revoked.
5-Corruption or Faction-In a recent wave of crackdown on political figures of the ruling party and business tycoons many were jailed on the basis of corruption.The story didn’t really water-dawn with the public since the move hasn’t touched the TPLF heavyweights and it’s business that are believed to be cruising on the ocean of corruption with their yachts.Also the largest business corporate Military Engineering was given a cover story of National Security to avoid possible auditing.
These all factors along with social media activism are cracking a slight door of opportunity in the upcoming 2015 election.This Sunday in a surprising way two parties will be rallying at the same time and place in two very contradicting agendas.
Semayai Party calls Sunday March long time ago calling for an End for Religious Intervention
EPRDF party not only calls but forces citizens to attend a march that calls for End for Religious Extremism


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