Moments You Want to Be Ferenji

It was eating me alive every time I thought about writing this post, Until I couldn’t find a way to put it .You may disagree with me, because of your national pride or you may not get what it’s all about. During my campus stay I have been blessed with meeting people from all across the world. I have met a student from Brazil, did a project with an Irish girl, toured Mekelle with interns from Belgium, engaged with American Students for community service, and established an organization with Ghanaian and Italian friend, pizza with a German colleague, church with Ghanaian friend and work with Nigerian brother.
In all these exposure I was exposed to the list of factors that are hindering us behind the world, the effect of these factors remain unnoticeable to these very day and they still remain excusable with a powerless and repetitive word Sorry.
The difference that sets most Ethiopian apart from the rest of the world (I listed these factors by correlating to my personal experience)
In the year 2012 I was appointed as a Google Student Ambassador and I send an email informing my happy news to lots of university staffs including all my teachers but most of the congratulatory notes I get were from few high profile Ethiopians and many foreigners. In the year 2013 my view on African Union was posted on Aljazeera website and I once again shared this good news to my teachers and staffs around the university, except four peoples none of them responded. In all these emails none of them congratulated me. I am not a guy obsessed with congratulatory notes but I am a guy who is very sensitive to the failure of our academic staff’s ignorance and negligence toward their fellow students. I still don’t get it why we remain enemies instead of being soldier in the same platoon fighting to make a change.
Appreciation is a lubricant fluid of moral that keeps your motivation gear to hum even better. For these reason I can’t stop wondering how I might have progressed toward making change if my teachers shows some respect and shared my joy.
2-Community Service
During my campus stay I have selflessly served in community service projects. I was working for HFDW (a student initiative that works to provide clean water service), Blind School (attended holiday lunches, volunteer works), researched for a community project that works on prevention of drug. In all these works I have witnessed the following demographic group being more active (students with urban background, medium in their academic performance, mostly females).students that are high grade scorers fail to meet our expectation with the potential of what they can do. There exist a bold difference in culture of community service between Ethiopians and Foreigners. I never forgot the sixteen girls from America who were carrying stones, digging with shovels at blind school, the American engineering students from Engineers without borders who were building water pump and electricity for the abandoned Mekelle Blind School. A guy from Ghana and Italian who strived to make Ethiopia part of a successful student initiative called Aiesec.
This last semester when HFDW inaugurated a water project we invited more than 80 University academic staffs to attend our ceremony but none of them showed up. Their failure is a reflection of their disrespect for causes that affect thousands of poor lives in a better way.
As a citizen we should give back to our community. We shouldn’t be forgetting that if it wasn’t for the money that was taxed from the poor farmers we wouldn’t be attending a higher education with such negligible price.
The relation of Ethiopian University Students and academician with book remain complicated as unhappy marriage. Unless it’s the academic bible book it’s very hard to find a student or academic staff reading books to broaden their perspective about life and the world we live. Students from private school background, mainly females remain happily engaged couples with book.
It’s highly likely to find a student who graduated without reading one book in his entire life, except the books his teacher told him to read. People who don’t read are resistant to change, remain narrow minded, intolerant to other views.
The intimacy of book and the western world still remain intact despite the engulfing age of technology. Students in Ethiopia who are accessing internet and laptop are becoming victim of series movie invasion and facebook addiction. In order to escape from their guiltiness they create a NEW FOLDER for soft copy books they won’t be reading.
Regarding initiating my culture of reading I always remain grateful for my Irish Friend Siobhan who always send me hardcopy books by saving from her college pocket and also for my former German director who always sends me books that could have been unaffordable if they were selling Book World store.