The Sucks Chronicle

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The sucks chronicle discovers the sham and the failure behind our institution that ought to be serving the people with honesty, integrity and transparency .The following institutions (ETV, ETC, EEPCO, MOE, EFFORT, EPRDF, INSA) are some of the few who will be covered. Their failure to serve the people instead of carrying out their hidden agenda makes them institutions that terrorize the establishment, foundation and future of this nation.
The foundation of these institutions is laid on the corner stone of spying, lying, corruption, discrimination and so on. Like a house build on sand the existence and continuity of these organization won’t resist the storm of righteousness and freedom.
During my early childhood days ETV was one of the best things I ever wanted to watch. Talak Film (Selina, Siborge, The Specialist, Six Day Seven Night), Ababa Tesfaye(a story telling TV host ordering kids to sit properly through TV screen), Hibre Tirit, ETV Music and 120 (a Sunday 2pm entertainment curfew).are all printed in the memory of any kid who grew up watching ETV.
My joyful affair with these monopolized state media starts to cease upon realizing myself as a grown a man and grown up you became keen to hear about things that matter and you seek for the truth to be told. But these wishes remain unfulfilled in a nation like Ethiopia where the government cares so much for the people choosing what they should hear and instead of what they want to hear.
We don’t need to go way back to discover the failure and sham of this organization. Just this year alone ETV directed an award losing documentary titled Jihad Harekat a documentary that brew bicker among the public.Interms of terrorizing the public nothing matches the damages done by ETV following it’s unpopular documentary that deceived the two greatest religion followers. For the significant portion of the society who viewed the documentary it’s a bit harder to rationalize and to figure out the conspiracy theory choreographed by the government.
Also this year ETV disgraced the nation at continent level by transmitting African Cup of Nation Ethiopian Team Match without paying. The incident proved ETV habit of lawlessness is not only endemic but also cross-continental.
As a result of its continuing lie and unprofessionalism it’s viewers number is declining in quantity as well as some houses it’s becoming saloon pets favourite channel since what ETV talks about doesn’t make sense for both human and pets. The last time I remember watching ETV was in my dream and I woke up with nightmare and sweating.
Finally ETV has finalized its preparation to broadcast its programme to Hell following the devil and the sinner residence community request. Finally you can tune with the following frequency.