The Generation EPRDF Raised


You can consider me as post EPRDF generation since my presence in these world coincides with the presence of EPRDF in Addis.I don’t actually remember what it feels like during the early days of EPRDF days rather I acquire most of my knowledge after realization of myself. My very introduction with EPRDF actually starts with the hearing of ordinary jokes.
An eprdf soldier arriving in Addis saw a traffic police and asked a guy next to him saying “what is this guy doing?”
the guy replied saying “he is a traffic police” and before he finishes his explanation the soldier pushed away the traffic from his task saying, “stop discriminating you should let all drivers go in all direction they want it’s democracy”
Until 2005 election trauma and I haven’t really felt or wondered about EPRDF rather I was reminded about the party existence in a quarter report of the late PM address to the parliament. After 2005 election I became more interested in politics in a moment were many people lose their hope.
On its 22nd birthday I portray EPRDF as a father who raised different kids in a different ways
The kid that turn 22 but who is already spending a great deal of his time chewing Khat and who see himself trapped in the Bermuda of the Drug world.
These kids were able to join universities as a result of the expansion of many Universities. The majority of these have no confidence in integrating their knowledge with the real world and those who already have the capacity dig a way to leave their country.
The Artist
Art exist in any given situation whether in oppressing or free state.That’s why the nation never fail to produce amazing artists during 1960’s and 1970’s (Tilahun, Mohammud, Menlik…).These artists never fail to produce hits that doesn’t fade along with generation in the darkest hours of the nation history. But if you look out the EPRDF generation it really fails to produce artists that connect themselves with the society and narrates the Ethiopian life in song, dance and paint except few exceptional who were also bitten for their uniqueness.
The Passport
These kids are from everywhere, some of them are educated or even have a PHD and some of them don’t actually know how to write but they all are bonded with one thing and that is Passport. Have you seen the impressive queue the system created allowing the nation to become a Refugee Camp for its own people. This group represent the 16 year old girl who fled to Middle East without knowing her fate, the graduated students who seeks asylum in the name of the people he never speaks up once, the 20 year old young man who bait on his life to cross the Sahara desert and find a better life in Rome.
Home Made Diaspora
This kids are reflection of a group of teenagers who are detached with their identity. They are more American without going to America. They spice their native language once in a while otherwise it’s all (hommie,chillin,nigga).They are allergic and immune to the nation facts and before they go to bed they ask their dear lord please take me to states.
My life journey have gone through most of the groups and still I am trying my best to be a best citizen not a citizen of the system.
This group are not result of the EPRDF rather they are an oasis in the oppressing land.They are from all walks of life and they are criminalized for being able to put words that speak truth.They are labeled as terrorist cause they waken a dead generation.


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