Graduation Thoughts,Behind the Faith Curtains

I am an orthodox Christian; I really enjoyed the ceremony of Epiphany, the fasting season of Easter and the unorthodox but western Christmas trees. Even though I am Christian Ramadan fasting season was also one of my favourite. When I was in high school I remember constantly reminding and nagging our Muslim class mates to bring us homemade biscuits, Temr.I also remember my mom cooking for our Muslim friend who attended one full Ramadan fasting season at our home.
The moment I joined campus the harmony of our religious diversity, tolerance cease to exist. Upon arriving at the campus gate at the very first day I was welcomed by senior students. These seniors didn’t welcome me because I am a fresh student but they welcomed me because I belong in the same church as they do. At the same time with or without knowing many fresh students were welcomed by seniors by figuring out their faith from the cloth they wear, the cross they have or the hijab they covered with.
Once you are welcomed at the gate by your senior acting saints they will fix your locker, show you were to pee or eat, which department you should join and so on. After a week or so the senior saints will prepare a welcome divine party in their synagogue, mosque, church and Centre. From this time on you will be slightly taken away by their faith institutions.
I personally don’t have a problem with anyone exercising its religion but time after time I am becoming concerned by the growing extremism and division. Why students tie their friendship bond with the likeness of their religion, why students form a dorm filled with their religion partners not classmates, why is it hard to date a cute girl when you have different faith, why the faith bond remain strong than the friendship and the purpose we have in campus.
We are staying in campus to join the workforce in building a better Ethiopia but we are acting like a builder of a church, mosque or a centre. The reason why I boycotted from letting my photo to be published in church Graduating Class is because it fails to narrate the complete story of my campus fails to narrate the lunch I have with my Muslim brother ,the assignment I did with my catholic classmate or the protestant girl I had a crush.


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