The Ethiopian Job

Graduation Thoughts
Italianjob (1)As my graduation day get closer and closer, like any one else I am planning what my next move should be.In the first place I am not passionate or confident in the field I am graduating but this is Ethiopia and first degree belongs to Family not Me.Regarding my next move I am faced with options that needs the two time thinking before I decide.
There is one opportunity that is considered by all my classmates and the opportunity is to be trained as a Mariner at Bahirdar University for six month and earn 20,000 USD annually after two year.Despite how impressive the offer can be I reject it from my table because I am not a guy who is willing to waste all the connection,resource and experience I gathered to lead a life in a ship that is deserted by human connection.
At the same time my grade are too low and they can freeze you if it was temperature and for this reason I am not qualified to pursue as a lecturer which I am glad because I don’t have that much left knowledge to share in my field.
The other option is an option that can’t consider me as candidate for the job because of my ethnicity and it’s the job vacancies posted by EFFORT(Mesfen Industrial,Mesebo Cement Factory,Sur Construction) all this organization give priorities for students from Tigray in a sense that the company is established to benefit the war affected regions of Tigray back in 1990’s.But the company operates on the four corners of Ethiopia.
Also I am not privileged to get equal opportunity like that of student cadres who are asked to attach their CV through the four government parties and their CV will be sent to different governmental companies and will be given better chance.Their political membership ID can easily dilute my resume no matter how good it can be.
This are some of the facts the nation has presented me but that doesn’t mean I will be jobless pity boy sitting in a stone waiting to make a cobble stone.Rather I am a believer of building my own path not following the path presented by the system.Because of this I have already secured two part time jobs and considering another third one.Declaring my independence from system will allow me to be more influential not censored and silenced in my activism for the sake of feeding my belly.


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