When Are You Ethiopian

When are you Ethiopian
To think about your country these days among my peers is considered as a topic to be avoided from the table with no hesitation, to think about your country situation can be perceived as an old school attitude or boring. Unfortunately this software that is uploaded on the young generation is not compatible with my mentality. That’s why I don’t back down from speaking my thought despite the irrational mouth gun that opens to convince me with the irrational tool of force.
Caring about Ethiopia is not only defined in terms of the words we chant for our national team , athletes or the words we preach for the Ferenji about our faded legacy which is a mirror image of the current status quo. Day after day I am becoming radical and polarized by the degree people are becoming negligence and ignorance about their nation affair. The hope of the nation, the educated and the future consider Ethiopia as a bus station or airport terminal that accommodates till the vehicles of immigration arrive.
When are you Ethiopian, why our love for Ethiopia sky high when we leave the nation, why our patriotism only reveal itself in football fields and race tracks, why we only share the Simpson injera eating Ethiopia, the Angelina Jolie adopted Ethiopia or the Beyonce Abesha dress Ethiopia ,why we discriminately serve our best for the foreigners ,why a hotel guard search me for being his own blood while comforting the white, why only the German lady become a first responder or my Kenyan friends joined in changing his profile picture in my quest for publicizing Reeyot Alemu.
You consider me dumb for pouring my thoughts freely like a river stream in a nation where the many follow the tunnel of thought channelled by tyranny, you consider me as a fox disturbing the flock of sheep that are being herded to get slaughtered. These sheep are always deceived by the talk of grass mirage in their final destination(job after graduation if they join the government party).
If you consider yourself as Ethiopian while neglecting the things Ethiopia wants you to think, confront and challenge. Then I will not level myself with you saying I am Ethiopian but only a Freeman.


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