January Month Of ETV

1. ETV makes urtv screen just like a mirror, were the left became right & the right became wrong
2. Check
Thegov invite opposition to play political chase game & when opposition come to play, the gov paint the chess board all black &zey don’t know where to move
3. thanks to Khat our youngster is under curfew during the afternoon which makes uprising more unlikely this days
4. even pets complain & express their rage if they are improperly handled by their boss let alone me
5. if Binladen was Ethiopian he gone be Journalist cuz according to the govEqn
6. u can park ur car frm the free space i left in today exam paper
7. you fall in love with your heart not with your skin that’s why whether you are black,white,yellow,brown it doesn’t matter as long as you got red heart
8. i have seen a lots of narrow minded people which were priding by Ethiopian beauty during AFCON which is ok but it’s a shame to dis African brothers & sisters for whatever look they have Remember Beauty Is On The Eye Of Beholder
9. even though i have had two exams today it didn’t stop me from watching our waliyas& the result didn’t make me regretful of ma decision but i am hopeful ma exam result will be like Nigerians
10. i enjoyed our team performance & now we can claim big by improving what we have.so don’t worry Walyas you did good & change is a progress not a flip like a coin
11. If Ethiopian players hit by Nigerian players they should write their back num as a license plate & give it to traffic not refree
12. knowledge baldness is not hereditary
13. books are lubricant of your brain & if you don’t regularly have them your gear thoughts mesh in a noisy way
14. when we have bulky handouts i turn ma self to kangaroo reading style
15. Dear Tsedi Lemma
There is a government virus attacking private newspapers & magazine that start with Addis so you should change you magazine title to Aroge Standard as a precaution
16. ETV Newz
Dear viewers we apologize for the early news for being true we just got the false statement
17. Addis Times became the latest victim of being shutdawn like Addis Neger,whats next are they gone deduct Addis kidan from the bible
18. if the chapters zat i covered didn’t show up for tommorow exam am gone makeup ma own question & answer demjst to show z teacher hw hard i huv bin studin
19. Breaking News
20. The naked ethiopian guy who run to the pitch & scored himself as a goal will be in tommorrow formation line up
21. the secret ingredient for ma notorious & outspoken fb post survival is the inactiveness, passive ,paper based & non-digital mentality of ma campus cadres
22. while young political prisoners languish in a place not far away for sight from the new africa union headquarter the appointment of HMD is a slap on the face to Africans & Ethiopians who need justice,freedom& democracy than a state of the art bribed china sponsored Head quarter
23. Meet The Terrorist
24. AndualemArage a political prisoner is confined in a tiny cell with 5 death row inmates in which he was beaten to death 2 times by prisoners.for nine month he was not allowed to meet his family & he only get 10 minutes of air within 24 hours as a result of this evilish act the US congressman will be arriving in Addis to discuss the condition of young political prisoners.Finally in EPRDF dictionary Terrorist are Freedom fighters,journalists
25. you have got 4.5 mutual friend with Abel
26. our blood sample should not be indicative of our political stance
27. these guys who complain about ma complaining can’t even finish a sentence with what positive to be about the statua quo
28. They can’t exorcise the spirit of freedom from us by shading our bloods
29. whn i was in highschool i considered campus as a vibrant place for debating issues that matter,a place where the sphere of freedom a bit stretched than the nation but none of it seems to be true.cuzits a place filled with coward generation that doesn’t speak his own mind & if you closely inspect their face you can read the invisible tattoo read as follows
30. sacrifice is the pen to write your name in the hall of freedom
31. Angela Davis an africanamerican woman activist was on the FBI 10 most wanted listed but now she is accredited for her role in civil right movement &ReeyotAlemu,EskinderNega& all the other fellow Ethiopian activist who are labeled as Terrorist will be our heroes
32. CAF should allow Ethiopia team to wear a shirt with a sign “fragile breakable careful” so that we won’t lose players like yesterday
33. Ethiopian strikers should not be hospitable toward opponent goal keepers
34. for next match our team should have to avoid leaving the pitch during the break time instead let them score as much as goal as they can so that we can compensate
35. books are a vaccination to illiteracy and if you don’t have them then your are crippled
36. as if we are infertile we don’t actually determine ourselves in building a better future for the future generation.do you really want your children to be suffocated in a freedom lacking airspace of Ethiopia ?
37. am sick & tired of boys & girls who are making facebook page as a playboy cover magazine with their attention pleading photos
38. while i was third year ma GPA dives from 2.8 to 1.4 GPA & the only significant reduce of number that matches with ma grade was the fall of oil price in 2008
39. next week i gotta four exams in two days,i should read the bible than the lecture notes
40. Politics Silence Loop
Let me graduate and I will speak for my right and then Let me marry and huv kids and then I will speak about ma freedom ,Let ma kids graduate and ………..
FINALLY let me die and ma speak in ma eulogy about freedom
ETV yesterday tried to transmit the ETHIOPIAN TEAM match illegally and it’s like trying to kiss someone bride in a wedding that you are invited
42. every day i struggle to greet z mornin wiz z realization of ma dear absence.eventhough she used to tell me “only death apart us” & now i don’t if i am dead or not all i knw is she is alive
43. Football unite us more than the quest to our freedom in such manner i wish ReeyotAlemu was lucy team captain
44. I am a christian but am not interested in preachers who are only compelling us to pursue the uncertain life after death instead they should be preaching about the need to protect & secure the freedom given to us by God.we need preachers like Martin Luther or Malcom who incorporate faith with freedom & equal right not only with a milky river in heaven waiting in a life after death
45. if it wasn’t for ETC bad service & bad gov’t regulation there would have been no reason why Erick Shimdt Google CEO won’t make Ethiopia as one of his visit destination in africa along with Kenya & Nigeria
46. our irresponsiveness in issues that matter be it socio-economic & politics makes us a lab rat of government policy
47. am a believer & strong advocate of community service & the satisfaction that arise from such deed can’t be quantified interms of personal achievement
48. Eritrea coup attempt is underway and it is believed to be taken while all the loyal government security watching Ethiopia vs Zambia
49. Shame On You ETV
they spend million dollar to block esat but they disgrace us infront of world stage by not paying for transmission
50. ETV
beereft seat yetkestutkisteteochyeteyayaznewenyelematgodanaayadenakfumsilu ye bench majizonhizbochgelestu
51. MengeistuHailemariam Tweeted
End zambialejochegerkeyetenegzlachu
52. Ethiopian Constitution states basic human right as follows
Don’t try this at home
53. Mekelle UNIVERSITY to some extent modify your genealogy to the following animal
You store water like a camel cuz you drink once in a while
You shower like a cat with your saliva cuz you get little water
You settle like a hen before 12:00 cuz that’s the last meal served in cafe
You herded like a cattle cuz they got a stick
54. at least give us a stage like Jesus to preach truth and crucify us
at least give us a podium like Malcom X was getting and shoot us in the stage
at least give us a square like Tharir and let us bring you dawn
55. God don’t send your blessing through etc or etvcuz they will delay or curse your blessing
56. this day for some people they don’t need to Knock like the bible say cause everything in their life opens like a high rise building lobby door that opens with shadow
57. someone from ETC is in vacation cuz the internet is working relatively good
58. let’s try a coup on April & if it fails we can say April z Fool
59. Dad it hurts me to keep you in dark about ma activism cuz I don’t want your parental care to stop me from speaking ma mind but the time will come where fathers teaches their kids about the importance of serving the will of the people
60. The parliament members are as similar as the parliament sit
61. God please let us march to our freedom as much as we are doing for your Grace
62. the government education policy so far has been successful in enrolling incapacitated students now according to their Transformation and Growth Plan they are finalizing the preparation to enroll animals that are believed to have a relative good IQ like chimpanzee
63. if we eat meat when justice served in ma nation we all have been vegetarian
64. Correction from ETC
65. Dear Users the text you received today regarding MelkamGena is caused due to delay and the epiphany wish will arrive before Easter
Bruno Duthoit
66. ETV twist everything
“what makes this epiphany special is it is celebrated in the moment where we lost our leader ”
67. this creepy miserable administration guys at campus shouldn’t be allowed to survive one day in campus for making our stay miserable as if we are a convict doing time in one of the state prison where they chain your mind and restrain your dream from shootin to the star
68. if journalists are terrorist then the newspaper beeps in their security scan
69. Ma generation like to make noise in z club not in the street where silent freedom songs are jamming
70. i gotta ninety nine problem but HMD ain’t one
71. if photo can tell your mind I wounder how many of ya will post your pic
72. Our Teachers
They teach us new testament& examine us from old testament
73. BereketSemon”Honey do you trust me ”
Wife “How could I honey,you are minster of media &communicaton”
74. overdosed wiz ur memory
need transfusion of ma blood
zat is polluted from z heart u infected
75. Dear For You
I was shaekespear writing you all those letters & poems
I was charlinchaplean making your smile permanent like a tatoo on your lips
I was Dr Phill relaxing you from your boredom
But Look What You Made Me Now
ETV news reader that you don’t wanna listen the moment he start to talk
76. i trusted you in malife,if i was a leader i would have made you ma body guard but now i tell ma bodyguard to protect me from someone like you
77. Dear I have done all ma best to understand you & if you were physics I might have formulate a new theory,that can line me up among the greatest like Einstein
78. GIZ should open a branch of programne that sponsor the ethio-german relation engagement lol
79. I write the list of names that lend me money & it feels like am seeing a movie cast at the end of a movie where the list keep on goin
80. Travel Guide
Ethiopian parliment best place to sleep
81. They might ban journalists,bloggers& politician wedding as a peacful demonstration the worst thing for a prisoner of mind is to be forgotten by the its own people whom he fightenfor.that’s why we need to publicize our heroes like Eskinder,Wubshet,Reeyote& many more who are languishing in prison for their thinking
82. if they afraid God as much as they afraid liking & commenting ma post they all become saint
83. if she find someone like me then clonning must be becoming a reality
84. Nostradamus Ethiopia Prophesy
A puppet from south will perform his show with 3 strings attached from North,East& West.
The North string will be pulling his head in the middle
85. no more dance in circle in the palace it’s chasin the leader tail & we call it
86. Oppressor Life Philpsophy
The least important part of human body should be their head if they use it blow it
87. a lot of this guys are living in Ethiopia that I don’t know or something,I mean how come you remain complacent and thankful about the status quo
88. If you measure the eprdf cadre IQ it can ICE the Water
89. This Summer
EPRDF Presents
The Hero
will be opened in all cinemas
90. For many their own life movie is paused in campus
The majority fb friends who are ignorant about the country affair would say Congra if i posted this
Abel is in relationship with ReeyoteAlemu
91. if there was a mirror that show how awfully their mind is messed up,they won’t probably go out & mix with people
92. I believe the government has done a successful job in turning the 1997 fault to the opposition,indeamonizing opposition figures like BirhanuNega,In pushing the press media on the basis of terrorism reporters.I just learnt this after my 2 hour debate with friends who harmonize their point of view on the above percepective.
93. when they go to their religious institution they believe in life after death but they don’t incorporate this weapon of ideology in front of oppressors
94. when you think you utilize a lot of energy that’s why the government want the university cafe budget to be stagnant at 8 birr per day since decade ago
95. The Federal High Court Should install a 3D technology for it’s orchestrated dramas that is guiding by the book of Cinema Action and Cut
96. Under the leadership of ineffective pupet PM HMD,JournalistReeyote lost her appeal yesterday & shame on the social media followers who were busy in reporting Messi award while our sister languish in prison for speaking our mind
97. In my freedom equation I don’t ruleout the assumption of torture,death& imprisonment
98. Dictators without border failed to take out AbebeGelaw Mission Impossible
99. EPRDF scared than ever before that’s why they are busy in showing movies that narrates their gureilla days fight to motivate their programmed thinkers Fuck You Losers
100. TPLF is turning our campus to a movie theater that entertains its oppression possessed party followers who are keen to exorcise freedom
101. Politics
-the grocery fruits that you can’t afford to eat
-the taxi queue that streches miles
-the tv programme you enjoy when switched off
-the exodus of our sisters & brothers to slavery in the arab land
-the vacancy post filled with blood line
-the spirit of a late PM that still influence
-the artists that won’t make it to the audition if it was whatever nation Idol
i don’t need to study law or political science to speak about ma right rather need to open ma mind
102. i don’t need to study law or political science to speak about ma right rather need to open ma mind-the slow internet connection that can’t even attach your CV
103. we don’t even have the freedom of speech space that africanamerican were getting during the 1960’s
104. the politics taxi ride from teklehaimanot to shiromeda
105. Guys EBS TV frequency fluctuate like Oil Price
106. We used to be The Holy City for Black People Freedom but now EPRDF turn the nation to The Holy City Of Oppression
107. Federal Police Entrance Exam?
“I wish these day Hens became HIV Positive”
1-If a person want peace of mind what do you do?
Ans-shoot him in the head
2-For what reason only a person should use his mouth & head?
Ans-To breath & Comb
3-What is your responsibilty?
Ans-To protect the guys who wrote the constitution

108. Mom Statement Regarding 250 birr price for Hen
109. Evolution in price explain that Hen will become sheep & Sheep become Ox & Ox will become Human
110. my friend who is mechanical engineering student like me developed a car that runs with water. The principle is quite simple The driver drinks as much as water he can & then he push the empty fuel tank car.
111. I still don’t get it why Ethiopian fall in love with the Lion of Judah &Hailesselassie the moment they became diaspora
112. am a leftover meal from ur life plate & the trash can gone be ma fate
113. Don’t wannahuv those digital,viral,copy pasted christmass wishes cuz I can also get them from ETC
114. my grade report is Vitamin A deficient
115. ETV is underweight in the truth balance
116. my dog barks when it sees stranger &etv
117. PM Hailemariam asks his palace chef “since when kocho is triangle”
Chef replied ” Sir,it’s not easy to adapt after twenty years of baking Ambasha”
118. Dear PM Hailemariam
This week hybrid injera was your solution to the inflation.What’s going to be your Christmass Holiday Inflation solution,recommendingchristians to be vegetarian
119. Ethiopia National Security Agency long term vision is to block & hack our dream so that we can’t have our own MarthinLuter King
120. This days our injera in cafe is double face were the eye appears on both bck& front side that ends up filtering our wot
121. its bin 8 days since ma family & its neighbours lost water I hope ESAT is not transmitting its programme through water pipes
122. my expectation in ma exam performance & the outcomes always diiffer I hope they don’t add Value Added Tax on my marks
123. Ethiopian Journalists, Bloggers should add Kaliti prison to their business card, for instance
Abel Asrat
Office-Kaliti State Prison
124. PM Hailemaram urges Ethiopian to mix injera with other products in which God knows only, what he fails to understand is the inflation is chronic like cancer spreading even in the deputy prime minister that inflated their number from 1 to 3
125. i use library as a parking lot for ma study notes & pick them up on ma way bck to dorm as a guy who studied