Campus hangover

The dictionary I borrowed from a friend gives the following definition to the word Hangover which states that as unpleasant relic left from prior events. This blog will specifically go over some of the type of the hangovers that I have witnessed in first hand in my stay at campus. the Internet Hangover, The bill Hangover and The Exam Hangover.
The Internet Hangover
One of my friends used to sleep during the early hours of the midday so that he can wake up at mid night and go to the wireless spot with the expectation of finding a better internet connection. More than once his expectation was ruled out because he was joined by others like him who was marching to the wireless spot with the same mind-set speculation. When you see all these Mid Night internet marchers it’s seems like there is a vampire feast at midnight. The problem with slow internet connection is not something that can easily be resolved by going at midnight with the hope of finding the spot abandoned by its early hour frustrated users who couldn’t simply access their email account. Rather the problem is the lack of attention that has been given by a University Administration that is not capable enough to provide more than one wireless spot, a service that would have cost them not more than 3000 birr while thousands of students own a laptop device that costs not less than 8000 birr.
The Bill Hangover
One of the beneficiary side of University presence in a cities like Mekelle is it activates the business atmosphere as a result of the many thousands students who come to the city in pursuit of the number of students enrolment spiralled up it also allowed for small business to flourish in different sectors (internet café, restaurants, pubs, stationary shop, khat house, clubs.
Despite the countless number of flourishing small businesses the market is not easing its inflation heat over the students. For this reason the small cafeterias and food houses that are opening around universities are becoming unaffordable for the vast student population. That’s why no matter how well we enjoyed their meal we at last lose our mood because of the Bill we pay causing us the Bill Hangover.
The Exam Hangover
Anyone who passed through higher educational institution could clearly recall back The Exam Hangover you felt but nowadays it’ s becoming more and more communal mood among the majority students. No matter how late or no matter how hard you study there are a lot of exams that fuck your mind as you are a prostitute serving as happy hour. The post exam moods are something that makes you feel like you are drunk all night. Post exams are also something that makes you regretful for all the topics you study but that didn’t appear to please you in your exam paper.
What you don’t know rather than what you know exam making ideology among the campus literates is one of the reason for making the students pessimist about the fruit of their work despite the energy they exert. There are even a lot’s of students who consider Exam success is luck based thing except for those who scores high no matter what the weather is.
As a university students I have gone through all the type of hangovers that are stated above.their degree of headache and frustration level might be differ from one person to the other but they are Hangovers that are taken by every students as a must criteria to graduate.