Wake Up Children of Freedom

Today I feel honored to stand before you in a stage that is fragile to stand the freedom words that I am gone speak to you. Unlike its foundation these very stages that I stand today lack the concrete of freedom of speech, the pillar of justice that builds a democrat institution. Since from the announcement of this speech contest I have been struggling to create a piece of speech that can save me from trouble but censorship was not my virtue for this reason I decided to go with what my heart told me to do so .As a result am speaking about issues that are noticed but ignored for the sake of safety that can’t guarantee the wellbeing of our future generation. The need to make a wakeup call to a system that is devaluating the price paid for our freedom institutions and identity is so vital if we are concerned about the existence of a great nation called Ethiopia.
Ethiopia is not just a nation valued by its own peoples but a nation that remain a beacon of hope and freedom in times when Africans journey toward freedom was darkened by slavery and speaking about freedom it’s worth mentioning the role we as a nation played in training important people like Mandela a man that is considered as The Alive Messenger of Peace and Hope, it is a nation that carved and erect churches from a giant piece of stone in a faith that still breathes prayers and rituals since its founding 3000 years ago without fading and mixing even if time and modernization conspire, thousand years ago when the existence of one of the greatest religion Islam endangered it was this very nation that provide shelter and a safe haven for its followers not to mention the brotherhood among Christianity and Muslim that praisealmighty greatness with different melody and tone but with same message, Ethiopia was built by its founders who are the master mind and architect of our own calendar along with a scripture that makes us one of the few from the world, despite our economic situation we still have the strength and means to align our nation among the first in a world sport stage in which many failed to secure the spot with the power of money and training,
Despite our greatness, uniqueness and symbolism in world history our values are deteriorating especially because of the influence of the three governments that takes the ownership of leading this nation for the last century alone we are now more than ever in a stage of scepticism in transferring a better Ethiopia for the future generation.
The three governments that passed and that exist in just a century were able to reshape a once great people in a direction of despair, pessimism, poverty. A corrupt and oppressor system was busy in infiltrating institution, organization and planting moles that shakes our foundation. As a result of this am going to list things that we have witnessed and that paints scar in our positive images just in the past one hundred years.
• For the first time in our history our name was tagged in reference to famine following a tragedy that coasted the lives of million while the emperor was busy in preparing a party for his coronation memorial.
• The popular demand LAND FOR THE TILLER that brought the downfall of the emperor was hijacked by a transition military junta that ruthlessly massacred a generation that could have pulled out Ethiopia from the pool of poverty
• The military junta was also in favour of hiding the true image and also busy in preparation of a communist decade anniversary in power when the world cries after seeing a kid sucking his dead mother breast
• The Guerrilla fighters who ended the brutality of the junta military where not capable of avoiding the cessation of Eritrea that laid to another bloody war among peoples who were once brothers costing the lives of hundred thousands of Ethiopian

Despite the entire grim image we have portrayed in our great nation in just a century we still have the time to make a change that’s why I urge you to erase the sanity alarm you summoned for the future to wake you up.
If you are living in a nation that still jails it’s free thinkers as a terrorist who detonate ideas we need to wake up and defend the value of freedom
If you are living in a nation that plants and flourishes fruits and vegetables that you can’t afford to eat
We need to wake up and disprove the theory of inflation
If you are living in a society that lost its identity and that celebrate Valentines and Halloween better than
We need to wake up and tell don’t devaluate the price of freedom our founding fathers paid
If the doctors of our system wants to abort the birth of freedom
We need to wake up and tell them they can’t caress our future generation
If you are in a educational institution that follows soldier and commander rule among its student and teachers
We need to wake up and tell them we need to be friends among one another like we are with Dr Mara who teach us and who party with us as well
Thank YOU
God Bless Ethiopia