Who Represent You Ethiopia?

I always ask myself this question ‘Who Represent You Ethiopia? ’ and I go through all the possible clues that can answer my question.
Who Represent You Ethiopia
• The government officials that rigged your vote in fraudywood drama
• The security officials that become your insecurity
• The intellectuals that runaway once you pull them out of illiteracy hole
• The cadre officials that suffocates you when you want to breath freedom
• The journalists that stir the lie with the truth
• The media that reflects the mirror image of the truth
• The merchant that rob you on a free rob market
• The opposition leaders who tell you to free yourself from DC
• The artists that poison your art test with immaturity
• The film producers who knows you less than a tourist
• The young generation who want to detach from you
• The engineer who build destruction with corruption
• The Athletes who never give a chance to the young
• The football players who play ball in clubs and pubs
• The media personalities who opened a love clinic
• The Doctors in US who prefer money than the pleasure of saving your poor people life
• The khat consumers who chew your time and money
• The teachers who want to be feared by your students as if they are an Israel soldier in Gaza


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