Who Represent You Ethiopia?

I always ask myself this question ‘Who Represent You Ethiopia? ’ and I go through all the possible clues that can answer my question.
Who Represent You Ethiopia
• The government officials that rigged your vote in fraudywood drama
• The security officials that become your insecurity
• The intellectuals that runaway once you pull them out of illiteracy hole
• The cadre officials that suffocates you when you want to breath freedom
• The journalists that stir the lie with the truth
• The media that reflects the mirror image of the truth
• The merchant that rob you on a free rob market
• The opposition leaders who tell you to free yourself from DC
• The artists that poison your art test with immaturity
• The film producers who knows you less than a tourist
• The young generation who want to detach from you
• The engineer who build destruction with corruption
• The Athletes who never give a chance to the young
• The football players who play ball in clubs and pubs
• The media personalities who opened a love clinic
• The Doctors in US who prefer money than the pleasure of saving your poor people life
• The khat consumers who chew your time and money
• The teachers who want to be feared by your students as if they are an Israel soldier in Gaza


Eskinder Is Free

Am a victim of a system that replaced my identity with the culture of dormancy, negligence and carelessness in my nation affair.am part of a generation that is disconnected from its values while pursuing western dream.am among the lost generation guided by the so called peace that remain present until you are silent.
I am ashamed to confess that I know a lot about the Bahrain and the Georgian activist than my own brother who is fighting for my own freedom. I am ashamed to tell you that my profile picture is Trayvon Martin instead of Eskinder family that gave birth for freedom in prison.
Just because Eskinder is confined in a tiny cell doesn’t mean Eskinder is not free.Eskinder is free because he paid the necessary price to prison his body and free his mind. It’s you and me who are physically free but not mentally; we are not free because we are censoring the truth and leveraging it to lie, we are tied with the invincible chains of fear that restrain our journey towards freedom, we are playing the real character of Judah and Petrous in the real life theatre.
Fear your own fear because it’s the greatest weapon your enemy have got than its AK-47 stockpile. Your fear can’t even guarantee your today safety let alone your tomorrow survival.Your fear is a sign on a blank check it cannot cash your safety, security and freedom.
Our fathers who prevailed over fascist inherited us the bravery check by ripping apart the fear deal. Our father’s bravery check for freedom was so valuable that was cashed for centuries by wise peoples like Marcus Garvey, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Mandela .Now it’s up to you and me to sign or rip the fear deal and hand it to the future generation.