Tommorow am gone be 24 and am not sure whether am single or not but what matters is, am happy after all. The last few years were the moments of my life that I have been tested to the very core of my soul. Just 18 months ago I was dismissed academically while at that same year I was serving as one of the two students who were selected as a transformation team member for my institute along with directors and department heads. Following my promotion as a student representative of nearly 5000 students I was pretty sure that am facing teachers, directors and peoples who are not accustomed of being challenged by their fellow students.Eventhough I take full responsibility for my academic dismissal there were certain facts that makes it a very well planned tactic to push me from my track. As a result I was the only one to be academically dismissed from my whole batch.
After my dismissal my family trust and faith in me start to fade like a cloth worn for 20 years. My father consistently nag me to stop engaging myself in extracurricular activities, my friends advise me to lay low, my elders keep telling me that I should stop being outspoken and change advocate saying you won’t make a difference. Despite all those concerns, advices I follow what my heart tells me to do. The following things are list of my achievement in just one year.
Freedombloggers. In order to pursue my dream I start writing my blog covering topics that affects ordinary citizens in Ethiopia from the socio-economic and politics aspect. Writing blog in a nation that have poor internet access by itself was a challenge because of this there were times where I print my blogs and share it to friends. Up until now I have written around 43 blogs and 18 poems in my two blog pages. I also gave an interview to one of the popular German websites and was able to be accepted by global voice to become an article contributor.

Community service) in the year 2011\2012 I became chairperson in Mekelle University for HFDW(Help for a Drop of Water) a student initiative organization that provides clean water service to rural communities. I really want to thank HFDW president Hermella Wondimu for her full support and promotion to the position. During my leadership we were able to witness the inauguration of two water wells benefiting 1000 families, we donated around 1000 pens,400 exercise books and 140 books to rural community. We also spent Christmas holidays in blind boarding school along with kids who are optimist about their future despite their challenges.
Organizing events last year I was also part of the Barcamp Ethiopia 2012 main organizing team and we were able to host an event that was attended by 600 peoples from different walks of life. I was also able to attend an aspirational event like tedxaddis and Ethiopian bloggers first meeting.
Despite all the above achievements I was also being given a warning letters from specific groups from my university who are disappointed by the fact that am initiating students to be active, my teachers graded me the least from the class in two subjects while me and God knows I didn’t perform like the way they graded me.
But after my appointment as a GSA everything starts to change. University officials flooded my Gmail inbox with congratulatory notes, my dad start to say he is proud of me, my friends who were not much a believer on my commitment to make a change start to admire me.prior to my arrival to Nairobi I was jealous in not being part of these year graduating batch while seeing my friends posts and photos in suits but after I have met 140 African friends who are passionate, young and eager to make a change in Africa then I thank God for being dismissed a year ago and for making me part of the GSA 2013.
Finally when I performed Am Not Afraid by Eminem at the gala night for me it’s so personal saying am not afraid of people critics, family disapproval in order to pursue my dream. I always thank God for enabling me to sing waving flag along with my African brother, sisters and Google team.