Fake Play

The past few weeks we were busy in watching football games especially primer league, Spanish laliga and champion’s league but now they all are over for the season.so I am writing this blog as if our politics is a football match.
Well am reporting on the 2005(first half)and 2010(second half) election match between EPRDF and CUD .Unlike champions league both of the matches are held at EPRDF field as a result EPRDF have got a field advantage. On the first match line up CUD choose Birhanu (messi), Birtukan (xjavi ),Hailushawel (Piyoul) while EPRDF choose Berket(Gatuso),Aba Dula(Ballatoli) .Regarding the fans EPRDF sold 80% of the ticket sit to fans who wear a T-shirt with bee logo and only 20% was allowed for CUD. For this reason many CUD fans used the tactic of wearing EPRDF shirt till they got their ticket.
The match started and during the first 45minutes ball possession was dominated by CUD with 90% to 10% and CUD was leading 23 to 0 in the first half. After first half EPRDF coach Meles advised his players to win the game by all means necessary even if it means making the game American football. On the second half time two of the line referees were not seen in the pitch instead there was only one referee in the pitch.as a result the CUD team captain complained to the referee but he was booked along with all of his team mates. After that CUD players boycotted the match and the crowd entered the football pitch.as usual federal police use all force necessary to get rid of the fans from the pitch.
After that the referee called both teams captain to restart the match and the CUD captain affirmed that they won’t be playing unless the other two referees came to the pitch. While CUD captain was talking to the referee, light went off in the stadium for 5minutes and after it came the score board started as CUD 0 and EPRDF 0.Disappointed with the score board CUD captain left the pitch along with teams but Lidetu and some over bench CUD players approached the referee and told him they are ready to play.
In the second half the score board started with CUD 0=0 EPRDF and the referee allowed the EPRDF team to play with their hands, to use three goal keepers in the pitch and EPRDF was able to win the match with 99% of ball possession.
After the game the football federation banned all the boycotted CUD players to a life time.as a result most of former CUD players are now playing for the Ginbot Galaxy Team in America and the captain is wearing a number 7 t-shirt.


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