Say No to Adoption

Recently am seeing more and more Ferenjis carrying an Abesha little kids and walking around in the district am living. Until sometime I never had a problem about seeing these Ferenjis adopting the Abesha kids. I even considered the adopted kids as being lucky and having a bright future ahead of them.
After listening one of MeazaShegerChewata interview with the world renowned poet, author and artist LeminSisay I start to look deep into the other dark side of adoption.Lemn Sisay was born in England from his Ethiopian young mother who went there for her studies.Follwoing his birth his mother was told by the peoples in the university that the only way she can pursue her academic study is if and only if she give away her child to adoption. After being adopted by whites LemnSisay was able to live only until he was 12years old after that they kicked him out of their house. Until he became 18 Lemnwas officially stated as the government property as a result of these he was forced to live in different government shelters.
In his interview Lemn strongly condemned adoption system is mainly remaining unchecked and that is leaving countless number of adopted kids to suffer physically and psychologically. LemnSisay argues that many people in Ethiopia supports adoption from its economic aspect only. But these peoples are not witnessing the helpless kids that miss their families in western shelters, the cultural shock they are confronted to absorb during early age, possibilityof helpless kids falling on the wrong hands of adopters who sell organs or who are child molesters.
From my experience when my father and mother raised me along with my twin sister they were not rich, they don’t own house or cars but they were rich enough to give me a love that cannot be priced. My family was also encounter one Norwegian lady who was interested in adopting me and my sister fortunately my father rejected her offering saying my kids are not for sell. Until this very day there are some people who felt like as my dad made a wrong choice despite the fact that he raised two successful angels of his life.
Being raised as a poor kid can’t stop you from going to school or universityit’s just that you are expected to make a bit more effort compared to is a fact that Ethiopia is the poorest nation in the world and whether Angelina and Brad adopts child from Ethiopia or not they won’t make no difference in alleviating poverty except amplifying our poorness. If it’s about helping the needy there are plenty ways Angelina can do instead of snatching away kids from their mothers. I am deadly sure that the commitment that is made by the adopters won’t value more than a piece of paper once their plane takes off from Addis skyline.
Having said all the above things about adoption I think the government should have to create a system that regulates adoption and should also have to take measure on agencies, persons who are profiting by departing mother and child.
Finally LemnSisay is a very successful person he wrote four books, he was awarded by Queen Elizabeth, his poems and literatures are sculptured in historic cities, museums and parks, he performed many classic act at different theatre house but he still remain disenchanted his final words he stated that despite all his success and achievement nothing can match the day he reunited with his mother after searching her for years.
If you know how much it means to live with the family you all love then


One thought on “Say No to Adoption

  1. This Ferenji didn’t snatch his son from his birth mother. This Ferenji saved a little boy who was given up by his birth mother because should could not feed him and would rather give him up so he could live than keep him and have him starve to death in her arms.

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