Don’t Know Much

I always enjoy listening Sam Cooke hits especially one of his timeless and popular song of all time titled ‘Don’t Know Much ‘.even though I started my blog about Sam Cooke I won’t be discussing either Sam Cooke or his songs but I’ll be talking about campus life.
Just the other day while I was arguing with my dad about my education
He said ‘son you are a fourth year mechanical engineering student and what can you practically do as far as your study is considered’
I never hesitated from saying ‘nothing’ and then he was shocked to learn that after years of his and the government investments to make me a competent engineer I still have no clue how I can succeed in my future using my academic knowledge. Following that he asks me to tell him about what I have been learning throughout all this time in my campus stay. Well I told him that I was well thought by my university the following lists of points
• how to swallow a non-delicious café mealwithout tastingafter lining up 3 times a day for about 15 to 30 minutes
• how to live with 8 dorm mates in a tiny room while your nose always want to remain closed as if it’s a supermarket under renovation
• how to survive without shower for weeks and hoping someday I will be showering like cat’s does with their tongues
• how to survive days without a water to drink and hoping someday I will have a hump like a camel
• how to remain awake as a guard during exams eve
• how to kiss illiterate lecturer asses or bow for their sentiment
• how to hibernate in a place that melts your aspiration for freedom
• how to be treated as a colored by my own people as if I am in some restaurant in Chicago during the 1960’s
• how to develop a technique of falling asleep with wide open eyes in lecture rooms
• how to copy assignment without changing it as if it’s a bible quote
• how to tattoo myself with formulas during exams like a Mexican gang or Gojam lady
• how to cheat in exams like tiger wood did to his wife in real life

The above list of things were some of the many things that I have learnt in my campus stay not to mention the significant amount of students who are vaccinated by the incumbent affiliates so that they won’t be sicken by unemployment (membership of students in government political parties based on their ethnicity, with the hope of issuing a job after graduation).This all things sums up and make me a lame, radical and pessimist person. While I was in high school I never thought for a second I will be faced with challenges that makes my campus stay as hard as doing time in prison. Now I really do understand why some of campus students hypnotize themselves with drug and the reason is to find a temporary relief from the excruciating pain they are suffering even if it’s a wrong choice.
Finally I just want to dedicate one song as a sound track for anyone who wants to know about my academic knowledge.
Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much about biology
Don’t know much about science folk
Don’t know much about French I took
But I do know one and one is three


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