The Road to Narcotic City

When I was a little boy I used to watch a series film called Acapulco Bay even though the film was not intended for underage boy like me. That’s when I got interested to go to Acapulco Bay because it’s a city you all would love to experience the delicate touch of nature. Just after a year or so Acapulco Bay became one of the last places in the planet I would visit if I am asked to. The reason to defect from my interest was the ruthless killings, kidnappings and the risky security situation of Mexico cities because of their war on drug that resulted in killing of 16000 civilians in just four years.
Currently I am witnessing my own capital city Addis Ababa advancing towards the destination of becoming anarcotic city at 120 MPH and here is how. Most of the khat selling shops in Addis are now hiring more workers following their income rise .The khat houses are hiring more workers in order to provide door to door service for any khat consumer like pizza delivery. The workers in the khat shops are equipped with and bicycles so that they can arrive in time for their delivery and they also wear uniform that advertise the khat business company they are working.
With the current drug addiction toll the business of selling khat become more prosperous and promising. AS a result of this khat houses will broaden up their reach out by buying cars, planes and delivering their products to any place that is starving for the service. In order to prove to you the above point do you know that each night countless number of minibuses travel from Bahir Dar a city to Addis Ababa,Mekelle and other major cities to deliver a tons of khat and they sell their products in gram to the consumers. The Bahir Dar khat which is sometimes referred as Colombia is one of the many khat types you can find in the market and it is sold from 10 birr up to 13 birr per 100gram which used to be 5 up to 7 birr three years ago. In order to carry out their smooth operation the guys in the drug business bribe security officials especially those who work on region border so that they won’t confiscate the products and there are also kebelle officals who are paid for tipping off the business guy prior to implementation of any law or patrol that will affect their business.
The rises in business among the khat industry will create competitiveness among the business tycoons that will definitely led to territorial conflict. On the other hand the nation is producing countless number of jobless and drug addicted youths who can be easily manipulated by any of the drug business tycoons or any illegal group to carry out an organized crime.
Finally even if the government seems to be not concerned at all about the significant amount of metropolitan youth that is becoming lame in the drug world then it won’t be too long before our peaceful cities turn into a war zone like most of the cities in Latin America.


One thought on “The Road to Narcotic City

  1. V.Good you have written your insight views and a calculated perfect forcast. but gov. ignored it

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