Home Trash Security

Guys just the other day I was talking to an old friend most of the topic we were discussing was about world politics and Ethiopian deemed democracy. Without knowing, we land in to an issue that start to become clear for me how far the Ethiopian government is willing to go in spying its own citizens.
As any of you guys can assume citizens all over the world whether in USA or Ethiopia are spied in quite similar techniques for instance your phone can be tapped, your email can be hacked, your post mails might be opened, your movement can be filmed or photographed and this all personal invasions are conducted in the name of protecting one nation from any kind of attack. That’s why USA established the Homeland Security to protect the nation from attacks like 911 and Ethiopian government after taking its time in recovering from 2005 election punch it established the unofficial Home Trash Security agency that gets your approval without knowing what it real is and that protect the nation tyrants from any freedom.
Home Trash Security is one of the spying techniques thatwere founded just two years ago. Prior to its founding every trash picking in Addis Ababa resident homes was done by private entrepreneurs .The labourers hired by the trash picking owners used to be hard working ,disciplined and who behave decently in fear of not losing their job. even though the private entrepreneurs where successful in making themselves a successful business man but the government was not hesitant from monopolizing and snatching away their flourishing business and extend its spying reach out to every home.
The current labours hired by kebelle officals to collect your trash are not just labourers but they are also assigned to go through all of your trash papers, documents or anything that indicate your motive as anti-government. These labourers are drug addicts and burglars who are becoming a security risk for people living around my hood even though residents complained to kebelles about this people attitude the kebelle officals seems not to bother as long as Abel blog draft is fetched to them from the trash. Also during election times the government invest millions of cashto pay a per dime for the poketfelt not heartfelt support, chanting and marching of these labours.
Finally if you just in case tune to national media channels and heard unemployment rate is lowering then you better start to be mindful about the trash you are disposing because the workforce of Home Trash Security is picking up.


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