Binladen Isn’t Dead

Binladen isn’t Dead
It’s been exactly a year since American special forces conducted an operation that killed the Al Qaida leader Osama Binladen. Following this historic military raid President Obama was accredited for his excellent handling of the situation as commander and chief of the army even though he was nailed millions times before by his republican opponents as being delicate toward the war on terror.
After the killing of Binladenpeople where claiming that the world asbeing a safer place than ever before .But on the contrary the influence of Binladen seems not to vanish along with his existence because he was successful enough in planting his poisonous ideology in the name of Islam even in parts of the world where he have never been. To prove his ideological influence you can simply look out terrorists organization like Boko Haram and Al Shabab who are conducting an attack almost in a daily basis targeting on poor African peoples who are already struggling to survive in a fragile states like Somalia and Nigeria .At the same time the killing of innocent civilians in Afghan by ISAF forces is also creating a window of opportunity for Taliban and other groups to recruit civilians who prefer to done the undone justice by themselves.
For so long we have been flooded and fooled by western Media’s extensive coverage of terrorism as a result we are compelled to always relate terrorism as a war between extreme Islamism and westerns but terrorism is something that we ought to see in its broader context .Terrorism is the killing, torturing and abusing of ordinary citizens who haven’t got the chance to defend themselves.
When an American officer shoots and burns sixteen members of an afghan poor family, when Assad orders snipers to be planted on roof tops and end a poor Syrian life for just walking on the street, when insane ideologist like Breverick address his message for change with the killing of teenagers who earn a better future, when tyrannies passes anti-terrorism law and legitimize their terrorism act of silencing their people voice then Binladen isn’t dead for me cause there are countless number of Binladen hiding in every halls of palace,parliament,military uniforms and the world won’t be safer unless those peoples are denied to convey their message with their force.


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