Blogging Nightmare

Someone at somewhere but every time is following my activity. I gave a code name to this someone as THE NANNY hired by the government to watch me 24\7 along with other online blogger and monitor my digital activity so that he can inform the government when to react if he considers me as a national security threat while all I do is making myself a national treasure like Mandela, Gandhi, Martin and Malcolm.
A year has passed since I start my blog page and I started amid were the protest in Middle East was aggravating from Cairo to Tunis from Tripoli to Damascus. Since then and up until now I wrote around 32 articles, mainly dominated by ideas that preach the need to bring our sense back as Ethiopian in order to pursue freedom and to free ourselves from hypnotizing tools that are killing our aspiration for change and freedom.
Since the beginning of my blog, I was quite aware of the fact that blogging about freedom was not an easy ride in the freedom lane but my soul and my mind were desperate in reaching at a destination of freedom land. AS a result I followed my instinct in spite of people concern for my well being. There were times that I became scared to death to what’s going to happen to me if they throw me to jail. Unlike most of political prisoner I am only undergraduate student not achieving my goal of earning a degree which in turn can cause a moral and financial bankruptcy to my family who still have no clue that they are living with their son that already blogged 32 articles and that is gaining a popularity in his own digital world. It is also not my wish to be side tracked from my dream of becoming a better man and became the unsuccessful freedom pursuer unlike any of my campus mates and high school mates. It’s also horrifies me to learn that the love, hope and energy am getting from my dearest will fade by the friction of gap while am doing time in a tiny cell. Not to mention the insult, torture and the harsh treatment one will get after they are send to prison.
Despite the entire above gloomy and scary picture I might often dream about blogging threat am supper happy to know that am contributing something that awakens people aspiration for freedom.
I am a blogger who doesn’t want to be detained rather who want to be a better man and freeman and right before I close my eyes I look at the sky beyond my bedroom roof and pray to God saying ‘GOD PLEASE MAKE THE NANNY HEART TENDER’.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Nightmare

  1. Hi buddy forget the NANNY and follow what your instinct told you. By the way I need to know about the your digital crush?

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