This is for the stylist

My lack of expertise and knowledge regarding fashion didn’t stop me from writing the following blog titled this is for the stylist. Guys have you ever observed about the similarity of style that is taken away our city time after time as season flu. Even if my understanding about fashion is limited,I have a strong belief on the fact that fashion is not just fashion it is also a way of reflecting ones culture, identity and interest.
Back in the days wearing wide jerseys, sagging my clothes, wearing big chains and curling my hair was all part of my philosophy as long as fashion is concerned. Fashion for me used to be all about what styles my peers and the entertainment world is adapting now. But I never thought for a second that I was sending a wrong message to who really I am and to who really my founding fathers was. When I adapt all the above fashions like any young African American I was sending the same message resonating on the mind of outsiders saying ‘Abel grand and grand fathers were slaves who were chained, who work on farm fields with a sagging cloth and so on’ but on the contrary my founding fathers was a hope for the slave and sign of freedom even if we are failing to admit that fact with our obsession of western culture.
Pardon me if I am wrong but recently the ladies in the city am living seems to be wiped off by tsunami of stocking or tight clothes. Go to bole, piazza, saris or kirkos it’s hardly to spot a woman not wearing a black, grey or brown stocking whether they are young, old, fat or thin despite their whereabouts. Well it’s not for the first time when the city ladies being wiped off with the same style not to mention the pink and brown colour they pigmented in their hair as if they are property of a sheep merchant. I also wonder why ladies put themselves in a lot of pressure by wearing tight clothes and try to pull down their shirt or whatever to cover their sacred bodies [if you know what I mean hahahahha]. The similarity of adapting same style or so called following fashion is not only a problem in ladies but also in men and it shows a serious lack of confidence and confusion in choosing what looks best for us.
Fashion doesn’t necessarily mean something that is adapted by the mass. Fashions have to be something that reflects our culture, identity and personality in a better way. We should also have to be confident enough to choose what looks best for us otherwise if we insist to remain stubborn in adapting whatever shit the mass is adapting then we are allowing to ourselves to be victims of an epidemic rather than being a stylist.


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