Teddy the Messiah

It was almost three years ago when I just bought one of the independent weekly newspapers that headlines Teddy Afro release boldly and a person that I hardly remember and whom I have met in taxi try to provoke me saying
‘Why do you waste your money buying this newspaper’ and I controlled my emotion and
I replied saying ‘cause it features a news about teddy afro release’ and he replied sarcastically
‘Oh you must be happy why don’t you march on the street ‘and he was really getting to my nervous and I just terminated my conversation saying
‘I just thanked God for his release, no need to march’
In spite of my silence other passengers seems to be irritated by the man attitude and they just started firing words back at him
And I just said ‘Woraj’ before my actual ‘Woraj’.
The release of Teddy Afro news for me is as special as the historic day of 2005 Meskel Square march and Obama victory as the first black president of USA. In the mind and hearts of many Ethiopian people Teddy Afro considered as not only an artist but also as an activist, humanitarian, poet and above all voice of an oppressed people and a compass for the lost Post EPRDF generation.
It is a fact that Teddy Afro is a junior artist when you compare him to the many other artists like Tilhaun Gessesse, Mohammed Ahmed and Aster Aweke but his reputation among the public sometimes goes beyond the above artists. As far as any artist concerned teddy is one of the few artists who constantly remind Ethiopians of their great values,the only one who reflect his strong belief on the brotherhood and love of Ethiopian and Eritrean, Muslim and Christian.
Following his last album Teddy Afro became a centre of attention among the government and the nation’s tycoons. As a result of his last album, stated owned Medias ban his popular hits from playing even if they preach love, freedom and redemption. others tycoons try their best to bribe him by putting awesome amount of cash so that he can only play the few songs they chose in their concerts as if he is a CD they can buy and shuffle,pause,play and skip him as they want. When all the above techniques fail to surrender Teddy unshakeable stance for freedom finally they pull the string of the court hammer to silence him by disguising their actual motivation as if teddy took the life of a teenage in a hitting and running car accident. Despite all the effort exerted by Anti Teddy groups to fade him from his popularity and the limelight of Ethiopian music industry it only resulted in intensifying his millions fans commitment towards him.
For me and my family loving teddy afro is not an option as its also for many other Ethiopian families, that’s why my mother lines up amongst the many to attend Teddy Afro court hearing three years ago, that’s why my sister flooded her closet with Teddy Afro photo and that’s why me and my dad rise up early in the morning and walk miles to find his album.
Teddy Afro is not only a miracle but also a phenomenon artist like Tu Pac, Bob Marley, Abraham Afeworki and many others who were born to remain defiant against a system that try to crush and silence golden voices and talents that speak the mind and heart of the mass.Especially in a moment where the Ethiopians music seems to be lost in search of a real talent Teddy Afro remain the only Messiah to salvage our wrecked music industry and the nation soul.
Finally it was almost a week ago since I just bought Tikur Sew album and a person that I vividly remember and whom I have met in taxi said
‘Thank God even if I hardly afford to buy sheep and hen for my family unlike old times I will rock the holiday with Doro Wot and Teddy Afro Tikur Sew album’ and it was the only reason that let Addis and the rest of the nation to revive and swing in a good mood during the unbearable Easter holiday inflation
And I said ‘Woraj’ on my actual destination.


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