Thank you for not thinking

Recently I have been taking myself into a lot of reading and one of the books that I read was animal farm and 1984 by George is one of the few books that really got into me and it is a kind of book that gives you a vivid picture of what is happening in the world that we are living today. To my surprise after reading this book I was reminded how blinded I used to be in picturing the world am living.
The books 1984 to most extent portray the status quo of Ethiopian people and our government. As far as applying the rules of oppression is concerned no one is masterminding the art of silencing its people like this government. After 20years in power and relentless effort in building a dormant post EPRDF generation the government seems to succeed to some extent.
The government was able to reshape the current young generation mind in the direction of despair, pessimism, snitching, mistrust, addiction and too many other self-destructive elements .This all mind diverting was achieved by infiltrating in every institution, organization and planting peoples who won’t hesitate from killing you softly by denying you the privilege and opportunity of keeping food on the table of your present and future.
With the current Ethiopian state of mind we are programmed to accept everything that is being fed to us as if we are installing any software without reading its instruction rather just clicking on the I Accept button to get away with the task easily.
Our move is progressing toward the destination of peril and now we are succeeding in building a system that acknowledges your contribution to your nation saying ‘THANK YOU FOR NOT THINKING’. If you prefer not be acknowledge by the system and insist on pursuit of freedom ,then people label you as the village fool who won’t make a difference, others will label you as a national security threat and try to confine your exploding rage in a tiny prison cell. But thanks to the inevitable explosion of your rage whether you are confined in a tiny prison cell or not you will be able explode and cause an outbreak that will infect the mind and hearts of many with a virus called freedom.


One thought on “Thank you for not thinking

  1. Abel, some people prefer to pray than thinking. Thinking is not in the best interest of rulers . They do it for you. There are always exceptions to this . But they do that at your own peril.

    Beterefe, you are doing great job an pls keep thinking while others keep repeating.

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