Building Malnourished Abesha

I was introduced to the term inflation not in school rather in real life after questioning why is the price of things soaring up as if there is no supply and justice and then someone told me it’s called inflation.
Like many of my fellow Ethiopians citizen i was disgusted in listening or watching monopolized state medias especially following 2005 election aftermath but it didn’t stop me from snick picking at the prime minister parliamentary address once in three month hoping one day he will announce that he is stepping down from power but that didn’t seems to happen up until now.
In his recent parliamentary address the prime minister as usual was claiming that there was a plenty supply of oil, sugar, wheat and so on. But on the other hand the prime minister seems to not be concerned about the fact that Ethiopians are becoming malnourished day after a result of failingto secure the financial means and unlawful inflation people are losing the capacity to buy nutritious products like Milk products, vegetables, fruits, meat product. Because of the unaffordability prices of products many home menus seems to shrink to Shero and who knows finally if we reach to a point where we roll a dice to answer whether we eat today or not.
The inability of our citizens to be privileged with enjoying the fruits of our immense natural resource is something that cannot simply be proved by the supply and demand theory of economics. Rather the inflation that is avoiding customers from shops is the monopolization of resource by few greedy and ill minded peoples who are mainly government affiliated and indirectly owned.
Finally If you consider this blog as an exaggerated one ,then ask yourself why Abesha get more weight when they leave Ethiopia and also ask yourself why gaining weight became a concern in western and why gaining wait in Ethiopia is considered as a sign of comfort? For me the answer is simple because we are not affording nutritious meals.


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