Zebra Crush

When they teach me about one of the basic traffic laws that especially concerns pedestrian was the usage of a zebra cross. Zebra cross that is painted in white stripe over the black asphalt so as to entitle the spot as a pedestrian territory in which they have full right to cross without being delayed by passing vehicles.
From what I understand any driver whether they are inches away from zebra cross or not they have to give first priority for pedestrian and after that they can proceed to whatever destination they are heading. But the above understanding seems not to be operational or the law seems not to be functional as far as zebra cross concerned. AS a result my confidence of being secured from any hitting and running car while I am crossing zebra cross seems to erode following my recent escape from being hit by a car. If it wasn’t for my adrenaline rush that day I would have been your facebook profile and a reason to let your heart mourn for three days or more depending on the degree of relation you have with me.
Time after time am being fade up and frustrated by drivers who mainly operate taxi, number 3 and 4 licences plate cars. This guys are mainly chauffer’s they don’t own the car as a result they don’t operate cautiously that’s why they brag about speed while not minding when they flash flood water on pedestrians or when they make your adrenaline rush without having a clue on what instant they got to you.
Finally chauffer’s have to pay attention to simple details and one of them is to respect and allow pedestrians to use zebra cross without giving them a hard time otherwise I urge the government to paint red on the white zebra cross and rename it as zebra crush as long as people are being hit in their own territory.


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