Home Made Diaspora

Have you ever considered yourself as being a homemade diaspora product well I don’t know about you but I have. Timeafter time am feeling like a diaspora in my own native land without getting the chance to leave my beloved nation.
If you carefully observed your daily activity then you will conclude that either you are being homemade diaspora or not. The homemade diaspora folks are those who are consistently being taken over by the hypnotizing western culture.
The homemade diaspora are mainly keen in paying attention for western culture like Valentine’s Day, Halloween,gentel day, prom night April the fool and who knows if they start celebrating thanks giving too. This group of people including me are obsessed with the billboard chart, box office list and Hollywood gossip, junk food like burger, American elections and English football match.
Sometimes I consider myself as being a victim of western media influence and tradition that is bringing cultural genocide in the mind and heart of many young teenagers like me. If you carefully notice my identity and personality you can hardly find an Ethiopian touch. The type of music am interested in listening to are all western, I can’t hardly finish a sentence in my native tongue without spicing some English words even if I try not to, I always remain pessimist and sceptical in fulfilling my goals and dreams in the land I was raised, my mouth always tied up to express my intimate feeling in my own native language towards the girl I am in love with, I always try to judge people value on their knowledge about western world and on their accent which is proving me wrong time after time.
After taking a deep look into me and my identity finally I am trying to reshape my distorted personality in the right direction.For this reason I am starting to appreciate and dig deeper about the Abesha rich values as a black and free people. I also start expressing my intimate feeling to the girl that I am in love with on my own native language saying ewedishalu yene mar which I used to say I love you honey. I even start to take time and appreciate the great works of art from world renowned Ethiopian artists like Mulatu Astatke, laurete Afework Tekelle, Teddy Afro and so on. My ultimate wish regarding my identity is to build a state of mind that don’t hesitate to wear local fabrics like kuta and Shema leaving Rock Wear and Sean Jean, I want to have a state of mind that addresses its thought to the public without spicing English words but only in its mother tongue to avoid confusion to the audience, I want to have a state of mind that celebrates Adwa victory better than valentine day.
As my journey progressed towards the deep and rich destination of my Abesha identity I am also trying to invite my generation to join me on the same lane. That’s why my facebook posts and blogs are mainly flooded by a topic that questions our values as Ethiopian and the path we chose to follow in building Ethiopia. If we still consider ourselves as a modest, western educated and western influenced future leader of our nation then we are no different from the biblical day’s peoples of Babylon who fail to build their wall because of their failure to understand one another. Our western knowledge should have to be translated in a way that is understandable and compactable to the significant portion of the Ethiopia people who are still remain illiterate but open hearted unlike their leaders and educated people.


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