Since last year there was a popular documentary that was able to affect ordinary people take on the world power and entertainment industry. These documentary which is named as illuminate narrates how the world is run by few secret societies or groups who have immense influence over media, politically, militarily and on the entertainment industry. These secret societies run the world to a destination of new world order that makes the significant population a slave unable to escape from a system that imprisons billions in invisible walls of poverty and misery.
After having seen the illuminate documentary I try to figure out the home grown illuminate structure and without further complication I came to realize that it’s not rocket science for anyone to observe how our nation is being directed by few peoples who have the power but not the will to shape our nation destiny in a right direction
The Ethiopian powerful figures are now shaping the nation in a road of peril by enslaving the young generation to khat, drug and on anything that can distract the mind of teenage from challenging a corrupt and unfair system. That’s why it’s no surprise to spot out thousands of khat , liquor stores, clubs on Addis street while it became nearly impossible to find an art center, public library, public gyms that nurture the mind and the body of the future generation in a healthy manner. The scarce availability of the above recreational centers is immensely affecting our art to reach to a point where creativity is losing its value and the Ethiopian athletics dynasty that reign in the world long distant running for half a century to be easily overthrown by our very own neighbor Kenya.
The current plotted system is letting people to be hunted by a viral of complacence in which the people are prefer to live in a hunting silence, that they are forced to consider it as peace. That’s why student, labourers, government employees, teachers and merchants are remaining silent fearing the tipping off spies and traitors that are planted in every possible public organization and religious institution.
The system rewards any one with fortune, fame and success as long as one accepts being baptized in the river of innocent bloods and as long as one doesn’t question but execute the mission he is giving to accomplish even if it means ruining the lives of many by closing window of opportunity especially for those who are considers as crusader against the system.
finally the plotted system is designed in a pyramid structure by making the mass innocent people at the base and the few at the tip in order to ruin the pyramid structure every citizen must have to free himself from the base of the pyramid and deny a strong foundation for those on the top who are enjoying comfort on the shoulders on many.


New Campus Order

For those who are university outsiders or who left campus long ago the following note on the current Ethiopian Higher education institution especially relating to universities can give a glimpse of picture to what is really going on the ground. Every university student prior to its campus experience used to think that, campus is a place where one can get a knowledge, a place where one can exercise his freedom and the right to decide what is best for him and at last a place where one person sow what he plough.
all the above expectation will start to erode step by step following your stay in campus. Currently the government is deafening our ears with the propaganda that they are boosting the enrolling capacity of student while on the other hand preferring to remain silent on the vast number of student that are getting evicted without spending a semester.
Incompetent lecturers who are power point dependant, inexperienced, undisciplined and who are decorated with MSC that still needs to be questioned about its quality and which is mainly imported from India a nation where being professor is not a big deal as eating injera in Ethiopia, the stubborn stance of Ministry of education in focusing boosting quantity are one of the many factors that is pushing the education system to nose diving quality. As long as there is plenty bed and a place to feed the student then MOE is not concerned about the burden students are forced to carry in sharing resources. Now a day’s opening a university for MOE is becoming as easy as planting a tent in a desert or forest.
Even though the government seems to be focusing on quality by appointing German directors and collaborating with German organization like GIZ, most of the appointed foreign directors still remain handicapped by the continuous interference of the government political disciples who like to steer things in every situation that doesn’t concern them.
In the older days university students be used to be influential in challenging not only bringing change in university administration structure but they also act as the main actors behind a drama that brings an ending to decade oppressing imperialism and the communist Derg regime without being afraid of the brutalizing force of the past two regimes. In order to avoid the déjà vu of the past student achievement the government is exerting relentless effort in silencing the student even from complaining about the unfair treatment they are subjected to live in campus.
In order to silence the student, the government clearly draws a new campus order by appointing student who is politically affiliated with the government, who sell their very soul to be designed, programmed and run by the architects of the regimes. The anti student disciples also don’t hesitate from spying or handing over their own friends and dorm mates for just expressing their views in a free way. The appointment of these students pushes aside the democratic election of active student who are keen to challenge any unfair system that is denying and crippling the better access the student deserve to earn especially in education