Amazing Disgrace

Amazing disgrace
There are two important things that can happen in your life or death and these are grace and disgrace. Some people might have lived in disgrace being treated as a slave, threat for their blessed cause, being deprived their human right but died in grace and lived in the hearts of many. Peoples who have lived and died in grace have conceived hope, birght future and peace in the mind and heart of the so many. We might have failed to give proper respect and value to these greater personalities in their living moment fearing incarceration, torture and execution but we try our best to compensate if not to fully pay the debt we owe to them. That’s why we remember them by dedicating a day, opening institution, building monument and naming district after them. For the above reason we have dedicated Dr.Marthin Luther king day on January 20, opened Malcolm X center, Gandhi library and built a monument to Abun Petro’s a monument dedicated after an Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarch who is known for his strong stance against fascist invaders during 1930 Italian occupation.
On the other hand we have witnessed so many personalities that have lived by the grace of iron fist they have acquired .The grace they have owned in their living days was earned by the gallons of innocent blood they have poured in broad day light, by the thousands of people they have silenced and by the millions of people they contained in a tiny prison cells. Their grace was a grace given from the people to them on the basis of fear not love. You may consider them as the beloved leaders of the people when you see their photos and monument in highways, buildings and in every home but their picture is printed on the mind of the people worse than the image of the devil we can possibly portray. The grace of iron is not immortal rather it is embodiment of your physical body because of this it dies with your body. If you carefully analyze the following leaders like Adolf Hitler, Idiamin Dada, Mummar Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein and Bin laden they were all considered once as a people who determines the fate of your living or dying better than God, they were preached, feared and begged for their mercy. These personalities where the one that conquered our mind, with the fear of not to even think about doing anything that challenges their grace. But when people overcame the bar of fearing death there was nothing that has stopped them from ending the iron fist earned grace. Following the ultimate failure and fate of tyrannies we have sung the opposite version of amazing grace as amazing disgrace over their dead body, we have tear apart their flesh and share it to the families who owns the blood and flesh of their loved ones, we deny them a proper burial and rest for their soul that going to be cooked in hell anyways.


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