Rolling In a Deep Shit

Well sorry for ruining the song title by Adele rolling in a deep for those who loved her as much as I do but I really liked the song title and added one more word “shit” to express the exact feature of campus life.
This semester I was committing myself as usual in extracurricular activity that matters for my fellow students and in community service that paints a colorful image for a campus that is painted dark from the inside. But all my efforts and wishful thinking for my campuses again has been dashed out by a certain group of the campus society that is baptized with hate against peoples who work to improve their community. By using their unquestionable authority and power they prosecute me and render a decision by applying their baseless accusation as a firm ground to the case. As a result of their last warning alleging me with illegal activity for personal benefit I find myself in a state of dormancy and alert that’s hard to control at a time. The reason why I said am in a state of dormancy is to state the fact that currently am restraining myself from any activity that represent the campus in order to avoid any window of opportunity for my Satan preached prosecutors and the reason why I said am in a state of alert is to state that I am 24/7 remain awake even opening one of my eye while am asleep so as to take immediate action on a threat that can be posed on my survival.
For any ordinary person a warning letter for one student who is not quite performing in academic and who is socially active might be a silly thing but for me campus as given me a great lesson that I can’t get from any other place. Campus clearly portray the picture of Ethiopia in its little version .jelousy, lack of punctuality, lack of discipline, oppression, bureaucracy, illiteracy among the literate, tunnel vision, racism, corrupted officials ,day light robbery and nose diving quality of education all of the above things sums up and forces the nation to be rolling in a deep shit.
Finally you came to understand why so many good hearted, passionate and dedicated people lay themselves in a place that doesn’t meet their status it’s because they are unwilling to roll in a deep shit that’s why they are evicted from a nation they love and forced to live in exile ; jam packed in a tiny prison cells and wait for justice to done : lines up in an endless court room bureaucracy.


2 thoughts on “Rolling In a Deep Shit

  1. Don’t get discouraged! Keep up the good job! The world is full of challenges and it is those with strong spirit that would be winners.

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