Serial Lover

In my recent blog i wrote an article with a title called “Digital Crush” which narrates about my intimate affair with a woman that i personally don’t know and with image of her that i don’t remember vividly.Until this very day we still remain soul mates as i hope and am really looking forward for the the day am gone meet her and i have already started sketching my plan to go to a place where i have never been the middle of all this i just saw someone two month ago while i was having lunch with my friends after a hard day.this someone that i saw personally really ripped my heart with her look,her hair have no limit to it’s stretch plus it dresseds her back as a gown and makes her Dr beautiful,her smile lacks nothing to be brand of Ethiopian Monalisa smile.everything about her look is something i have never confront or seen in my entire campus life and for some one like me who don’t care even to dare the government i find it harder to even look her with my full gaze.
if you put yourself in my shoe then you feel sympathy for experiencing the life of a Serial Lover.a serial lover is a definition i gave for the opposite of serial killer,when the later kills to many the first loves to many at a time.
now am in a dilemma of choosing the one and it’s a battle of idea between good looking beauty versus smart looking personality,which i feel more tempted to choose the later.but instead of all this it could have been a lot nicer and easier if God gave us two heart one for the good looking and the other for smart looking.


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