Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have believed or thought that, what it all takes to spark a revolution in the Middle East was the burning of one young ordinary man who sells fruits on cart. Who would have thought a year ago that tyrants across the Middle East will encounter the fate of prosecution lying on stretcher or being killed by the bare hands of the people they have been oppressing.
I mean no one would have thought all the above scenarios unraveling, no prophet dared to predict or envision that the time has come for decade lasting dictators to fall. Despite the presence of many so-called political analyst predictions they all fail to determine the fate of leaders who fail to listen their people.
Still leaders in many parts of the world who lead their own people with iron fist have shown no sign of consideration in providing reformation and open a window of opportunity for opposition leaders to compute in fair election. Which in turn tells us they prefer to give up their power in a forceful way after thousands of innocent people shaded their bloods.
No matter what part of the world you are, if you are oppressed, treated as second class citizen next to oppressor’s disciple then it is clear like blue crystal that you pursue the journey of freedom as your destiny. They may consider the technique of their oppression and silencing is state of the art but once people united and overcame the fear of a gun mouth then their state of the art technique becomes nothing but a trash. That is what’s happening in Syria, people lining up and marching day and night in front of snipers and killers who are executing innocent and defenseless peoples with out hesitation. But like that of the Arab country peoples who liberated from decades of oppression Syrian also optimist that their blood that is flowing on the street of Hamma and Damascus won’t pour for nothing but for change. No matter how defiant the Syrian government seems to be in hearing its people call for change it won’t stop Syrians from achieving their goal towards freedom.


2 thoughts on “Who Would Have Thought?

  1. Well, that those tyrans don’t offer some more freedom is no mirakle. They have gone much too far. On one side hate and fear have grown too large, and on the other side those tyrans believe themselves really that all is just o.k., and some minor trouble is initiated by foreign forces. But they know allowing more freedom would make the already boiling soul of the people explode. If the tyrans do not put enough pressure they will have to face the exploding rage of the people.

    History shows that it is indeed possible to suppress an upcoming revolution. Here in Germany this happened 1848 and resulted in the “Biedermeierzeit”, a time people going back to privacy and not doing any politics. This historical experience is still up to day hampering our political awareness and the will to act. Something similar currently happened in China (the socalled Tiananmen Incident, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Incident). The result is comparable. It’s kind of people imprisioning themselves in their head.

    Although i do not think it was o.k. to kill Ghaddafi i hope the african people will be able to really get free. But the real threat will come after getting rid of the dictators. It’s quite easy to be against something. And it’s quite easy to unite in that. But it’s by far less easy to be pro something, to unite in that, and to tolerate different approaches. That is a task that will need constant work for several generations.

    • i do agree with you and despite the recent revolution we should not be mistaken the fact that we still need a real change and a reconciliation that invites unification

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