Silence Kills

Many would agree that Ethiopia is a nation where social interaction among its people can be stated as an excellent one.when we say social interaction more or less it means dialogue and discussion among peoples.Despite high status of social connection I still wonder why we remain silent about the basic things that are affecting our lives especially things related to intimacy,sex lives and puberty development.
I still remain frightened to discuss about the different things that occurred to me throughout my puberty.i even feel like I’m being cursed or as a sign of evilness when wet dream occurred to me for the first time.i still pray that my family never caught me watching rated movies.i still remain not so sure whether I’m capable to knock my best friend house door and to take her out for date while her families are still in home. But above all I feel insecure to even say the word I love you to a girl that I am still in love with for nearly a year. It makes me feel like I’m harassing or abusing our relation to wish her to be my girlfriend while we still say each other we are best friends.This emotions and feelings are something that are greatly represented in most part of our society .some may suggest that it is a bad norm to discuss sexual oriented topics. On the contrary we find our society being abstain from oral discussion of its sexual emotions but not abstaining its self from the practical and damaging unsafe sex.
In my opinion the main reason why we remain as being the world highly HIV infected nation is because we are not giving our mind a right to govern our emotions,we are not giving a thought to discuss about normal sexual feelings that occurs to every human being. I find it very inappropriate to ignore the fact that we as a people are in great danger of assuring the continuity of this younger generation because of HIV-and alarmingly growing rate of drug addiction. The alarm that awakens our consciences to question what is right and wrong to do in life , should not be ringing after things fall apart.
As part of being this younger generation we always remain disconnected with our families and our older generation . this gap is creating a multiple personality syndrome which are quite contradicting with one another.these multiple personalities can be stated as the noisy and silent identities. Noisy identity,mood and attitude is the one we show to our friends in order to be said modern and cool ,while silent identity is the one we show to our family in order to be said decent and polite. As a result we always find our selves in conflict with who really we are and makes us even to feel scared in giving a try to get to know ourselves even if it means HIV AIDS testing . As a result we are abducting our selves with silence and executing our lives.
Finally to all my peoples whether they are younger or older I want them all to start observe that as blood pressure can kill you silently ,your silence can also kills you with open your mouth to speak,use your mind to questions ,free your fingers to type and write about your god given sexual emotion.


2 thoughts on “Silence Kills

  1. As you are talking about Ethiopia and “our society “, please be assured that not talking bout intimate or very private concerns isn’t a problem of the ethiopian society. From my point of view, this is a typical generation problem, which we are also facing in most european countries. I too can’t talk to most older people (and especially to my mother) about my sexual relationships or even about my feelings. I see that I also can’t nurture any other people. The only way to have that changed, is to talk about those things actively by myself – again and again. So what you have done with this blog-post is all you can do – but keep it saying.

    And even the younger generation needs some time, but continuous impulses to think and talk about “things related to intimacy, sex lives and puberty development”. It took me more than a year to speak freely to my girlfriend about her past problems (especially from her youth) and her sexual preferences. I still can’t talk about such things to my sister. And even more not to religious people – they will ever suppress their own feelings and sexuality for gods sake. But I won’t give up trying.

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