Reader Discretion is Adviced

It’s been almost nine month since I became a blogger with my blog title called a moment where tension where rising in every possible halls of dictators palace’s and parliament’s the consequence of my action could have made me pay severely. My initial initiation for starting this blog was to some extent very personal, following my academic dismissal as a result of my active participation in representing students I became disgusted with the idea of remaining silent for the unfair treatment that I or my fellow citizens subjected to. As a result I chose to ride in the bumpy road of freedom where many people preferred to abandon it.
The first thing I have done was creating a facebook group that can enable my members to discuss their ideas on subjects of areas that can vary widely. Then I added as much as friend as I can, following that people reaction to my action was very mixed. Some criticized me for adding them with out their permission, others got interested and thanked me for creating a space to breath freedom but the majority preferred to remain silent and to see where my ride in the freedom lane takes me. What I have observed in the mean time from my group members that all of them where interested in reading my posts and comments but at the same time they give a great deal for my well being. As a result they declared a law that is not easily noticeable and I called that law the law of “Reader Discretion is Advised”. Almost all of my members were smart enough in not adding peoples who have a radical view against the pursuit of freedom. So far my blogs, posts and comments where targeting areas that need a big reformation this area constitute our education, social view and political structure of our nation. Despite the majority consensus, the radical people still remain persistent in complimenting our complaints as clueless.
The radical view followers of our nation are people who are a disciple of an institution that still fails to provide democracy, equal opportunity, justice and peace to the 80 million populations that is not breathing freedom while we were entitled to heir freedom from our founding fathers will that was written in their blood.


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