Don’t get me wrong am not a racist

It’s a fact that many people are quite aware of the fact that I love American fourteen four president Barrack Hussein Obama.unlike most of the people my admiration and appreciation for Obama didn’t just get away after he have won the historic election that still remains fresh in many of the world people memory. But the curiosity of wanting to know how is a black president, who might have been considered as a property of someone else before 50 yrs is leading the world efficiently.
Since I was a little kid I was much affiliated to the African American culture especially to their creative gifts of art that produced music styles ranging from blues, jazz, R & B and Hip-hop that served as a window of opportunity for the black community to express itself and to find economic strength by it’s own. As I grew much younger and younger I start to pay attention and to look deep into the message of what this black community that was shipped against it’s will from it’s native land of Africa trying to address. They are one of the disfavored communities of the world who lost their connection with their ancestors and who have made a journey filled with sweat and blood to restore originality to their identity. My research and deep dig into the black community culture enables me to know countless number of personalities who succeeded despite their color of skin. Appreciating the black community in turn makes me to become more obsessed about them and my obsession in turn gave me a name like am Racist against whites.
Just because am not interested in watching how I met your mother or father, vampire diaries, V and just because am not interested in listening to Justin Beiber or Britney Spears it doesn’t make me a racist against whites. a good demonstration to that is that I always like to rhyme Eminem songs to my hommies and I also I have many European friends who are helping to tap out my potential and who even bring me chocolate without being Santa clause.


2 thoughts on “Don’t get me wrong am not a racist

  1. Well, your artistic preferences doesn’t have anything to do with if your a racist or not – it just tells other people about your taste. But what about Obama? Yes he is black, but he is also a corrupt, antidemocratic, unsocial, war-intensifying bastard of a US-president like many before him (well, at least not as bad as Bush II). His skin-color doesn’t tell us much about the politics of the man, whose first decree was to allow a drone-attack on a Pakistani wedding back in January 2009. Am I a racist now (being a young white man)?

    • interesting point of view i think and i do agree with you that there have been many drone attacks that have killed many innocent ppl and also there were many promises that have been failed to be fulfilled in spite of his campaign but one thing i came to understand is that American president is becoming more or less a puppet .

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