Dismissal can’t deliver quality

Dismissal can’t deliver quality
Just a few months ago Ethiopian ministry of education announced that they are finalizing the construction of 9 newly built universities across the nation. As they stated, even if the projects are not finalized they will start to enroll student by the coming few months. Well the bad news about this is that the government still remains stubborn along with its idiot policy makers who are neglecting quality.
You might have heard in the media that the ratio for enrolling science and art is planned to take a shape of 70 to 30 percent .But am quite sure of the fact that you haven’t heard that this plan is one of the unachievable sectors of work the government vowed to accomplish.
Just a year ago my institute of technology was capable of enrolling 910 numbers of engineering students but this standard was just rejected by the ministry of education and flooded our campus with 3000 engineering student ,where lord only knows whether this students are capable to accomplish the dream of becoming engineer or not.
After a year students from freshman class year flooded the institute building with complaints and accusation. This scenario followed after 650 students graded F out of 1000 students for their non major course. Following that few student’s contacted me to take them to our director and discuss these issue. During my heated discussion with the institute administration guys I observed a lack of awareness about the consequence of their action. As one of the directors addressed the students he said “our priority is to produce quality students by deducting as much as student we can”. The main reason they provided for their firm stance was that the government is sending incompetent students and to assure quality they just have to be eliminated.
Well to some extent the administrators might be right but one thing they fail to consider is no matter how many students they eliminate the government won’t stop to place and flood the institute beyond their imaginable capacity. At the same time one thing they fail to understand is that students are being tutored by teachers who are not capable of delivering the quality the administration vowed to provide. Students are sharing resources with a ratio that you can’t begin to imagine. The only option to clean up this mess and to make sure it won’t happen again is lifting up the load each institute is subjected regarding enrollments capacity, while at the same time building a system that favors student benefits more than teachers. Unlike the old days now is the time to hear the students and to give opportunity rather relying on not competent teachers who are self centered and who don’t give a shit about the whether the students make to the top or not.
If we fail to adapt a new strategic plan and start to center our focus on students then our wall won’t be differ from the wall of Babylon with the ultimate fate of collapsing. So ministry of education, university administrators and students need to come up with one language that will clarify their misunderstanding and that language is empowering the students.


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