Once up on a place i don’t know if there was a time when God created man anyways God created man and I think he added woman so that man can stop complaining about his loneliness. After that God gave human a fruit called freedom while banning them not to steal or dare to eat from the garden of Eden some sort of fruit. Then Adam and eve start to taste the fruitdom that they were allowed to have a taste after they taste it they find it very delicious and become tempted to taste the banned one in hope of finding the banned one also delicious than allowed one.
Unfortunately the taste was very bad and God was aware of the fact that they disobeyed his order as a result they were thrown from the garden of eden.eve and Adam start to multiply in number creating their own kind and they keep telling their own children saying don’t you ever taste the fruit of freedom other than your own. Well the signal and strength of the message got weaker and weaker because people were griddy as a result they start fooling others saying God told Adam to tell us to build a ladder called government so that we can provide fruitdom from a big tree called country. In that way we can avoid others from eating the fruitdom of others. And here I am standing on a ground staring at a big tree called Ethiopia while watching my government eating my own fruitdom and the others too.i beg the government to come dawn and allow me to have my fruitdom but they kept saying “others will cut the tree not only eating your shares so which one do you choose” and I reply saying “it’s an old fashion creed that you are trying to fool us so I ask you again please come dawn from the tree?”


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