Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have believed or thought that, what it all takes to spark a revolution in the Middle East was the burning of one young ordinary man who sells fruits on cart. Who would have thought a year ago that tyrants across the Middle East will encounter the fate of prosecution lying on stretcher or being killed by the bare hands of the people they have been oppressing.
I mean no one would have thought all the above scenarios unraveling, no prophet dared to predict or envision that the time has come for decade lasting dictators to fall. Despite the presence of many so-called political analyst predictions they all fail to determine the fate of leaders who fail to listen their people.
Still leaders in many parts of the world who lead their own people with iron fist have shown no sign of consideration in providing reformation and open a window of opportunity for opposition leaders to compute in fair election. Which in turn tells us they prefer to give up their power in a forceful way after thousands of innocent people shaded their bloods.
No matter what part of the world you are, if you are oppressed, treated as second class citizen next to oppressor’s disciple then it is clear like blue crystal that you pursue the journey of freedom as your destiny. They may consider the technique of their oppression and silencing is state of the art but once people united and overcame the fear of a gun mouth then their state of the art technique becomes nothing but a trash. That is what’s happening in Syria, people lining up and marching day and night in front of snipers and killers who are executing innocent and defenseless peoples with out hesitation. But like that of the Arab country peoples who liberated from decades of oppression Syrian also optimist that their blood that is flowing on the street of Hamma and Damascus won’t pour for nothing but for change. No matter how defiant the Syrian government seems to be in hearing its people call for change it won’t stop Syrians from achieving their goal towards freedom.


Silence Kills

Many would agree that Ethiopia is a nation where social interaction among its people can be stated as an excellent one.when we say social interaction more or less it means dialogue and discussion among peoples.Despite high status of social connection I still wonder why we remain silent about the basic things that are affecting our lives especially things related to intimacy,sex lives and puberty development.
I still remain frightened to discuss about the different things that occurred to me throughout my puberty.i even feel like I’m being cursed or as a sign of evilness when wet dream occurred to me for the first time.i still pray that my family never caught me watching rated movies.i still remain not so sure whether I’m capable to knock my best friend house door and to take her out for date while her families are still in home. But above all I feel insecure to even say the word I love you to a girl that I am still in love with for nearly a year. It makes me feel like I’m harassing or abusing our relation to wish her to be my girlfriend while we still say each other we are best friends.This emotions and feelings are something that are greatly represented in most part of our society .some may suggest that it is a bad norm to discuss sexual oriented topics. On the contrary we find our society being abstain from oral discussion of its sexual emotions but not abstaining its self from the practical and damaging unsafe sex.
In my opinion the main reason why we remain as being the world highly HIV infected nation is because we are not giving our mind a right to govern our emotions,we are not giving a thought to discuss about normal sexual feelings that occurs to every human being. I find it very inappropriate to ignore the fact that we as a people are in great danger of assuring the continuity of this younger generation because of HIV-and alarmingly growing rate of drug addiction. The alarm that awakens our consciences to question what is right and wrong to do in life , should not be ringing after things fall apart.
As part of being this younger generation we always remain disconnected with our families and our older generation . this gap is creating a multiple personality syndrome which are quite contradicting with one another.these multiple personalities can be stated as the noisy and silent identities. Noisy identity,mood and attitude is the one we show to our friends in order to be said modern and cool ,while silent identity is the one we show to our family in order to be said decent and polite. As a result we always find our selves in conflict with who really we are and makes us even to feel scared in giving a try to get to know ourselves even if it means HIV AIDS testing . As a result we are abducting our selves with silence and executing our lives.
Finally to all my peoples whether they are younger or older I want them all to start observe that as blood pressure can kill you silently ,your silence can also kills you with HIV-AIDS.so open your mouth to speak,use your mind to questions ,free your fingers to type and write about your god given sexual emotion.

Don’t get me wrong am not a racist

It’s a fact that many people are quite aware of the fact that I love American fourteen four president Barrack Hussein Obama.unlike most of the people my admiration and appreciation for Obama didn’t just get away after he have won the historic election that still remains fresh in many of the world people memory. But the curiosity of wanting to know how is a black president, who might have been considered as a property of someone else before 50 yrs is leading the world efficiently.
Since I was a little kid I was much affiliated to the African American culture especially to their creative gifts of art that produced music styles ranging from blues, jazz, R & B and Hip-hop that served as a window of opportunity for the black community to express itself and to find economic strength by it’s own. As I grew much younger and younger I start to pay attention and to look deep into the message of what this black community that was shipped against it’s will from it’s native land of Africa trying to address. They are one of the disfavored communities of the world who lost their connection with their ancestors and who have made a journey filled with sweat and blood to restore originality to their identity. My research and deep dig into the black community culture enables me to know countless number of personalities who succeeded despite their color of skin. Appreciating the black community in turn makes me to become more obsessed about them and my obsession in turn gave me a name like am Racist against whites.
Just because am not interested in watching how I met your mother or father, vampire diaries, V and just because am not interested in listening to Justin Beiber or Britney Spears it doesn’t make me a racist against whites. a good demonstration to that is that I always like to rhyme Eminem songs to my hommies and I also I have many European friends who are helping to tap out my potential and who even bring me chocolate without being Santa clause.

Reader Discretion is Adviced

It’s been almost nine month since I became a blogger with my blog title called freedombloggers.in a moment where tension where rising in every possible halls of dictators palace’s and parliament’s the consequence of my action could have made me pay severely. My initial initiation for starting this blog was to some extent very personal, following my academic dismissal as a result of my active participation in representing students I became disgusted with the idea of remaining silent for the unfair treatment that I or my fellow citizens subjected to. As a result I chose to ride in the bumpy road of freedom where many people preferred to abandon it.
The first thing I have done was creating a facebook group that can enable my members to discuss their ideas on subjects of areas that can vary widely. Then I added as much as friend as I can, following that people reaction to my action was very mixed. Some criticized me for adding them with out their permission, others got interested and thanked me for creating a space to breath freedom but the majority preferred to remain silent and to see where my ride in the freedom lane takes me. What I have observed in the mean time from my group members that all of them where interested in reading my posts and comments but at the same time they give a great deal for my well being. As a result they declared a law that is not easily noticeable and I called that law the law of “Reader Discretion is Advised”. Almost all of my members were smart enough in not adding peoples who have a radical view against the pursuit of freedom. So far my blogs, posts and comments where targeting areas that need a big reformation this area constitute our education, social view and political structure of our nation. Despite the majority consensus, the radical people still remain persistent in complimenting our complaints as clueless.
The radical view followers of our nation are people who are a disciple of an institution that still fails to provide democracy, equal opportunity, justice and peace to the 80 million populations that is not breathing freedom while we were entitled to heir freedom from our founding fathers will that was written in their blood.

Dismissal can’t deliver quality

Dismissal can’t deliver quality
Just a few months ago Ethiopian ministry of education announced that they are finalizing the construction of 9 newly built universities across the nation. As they stated, even if the projects are not finalized they will start to enroll student by the coming few months. Well the bad news about this is that the government still remains stubborn along with its idiot policy makers who are neglecting quality.
You might have heard in the media that the ratio for enrolling science and art is planned to take a shape of 70 to 30 percent .But am quite sure of the fact that you haven’t heard that this plan is one of the unachievable sectors of work the government vowed to accomplish.
Just a year ago my institute of technology was capable of enrolling 910 numbers of engineering students but this standard was just rejected by the ministry of education and flooded our campus with 3000 engineering student ,where lord only knows whether this students are capable to accomplish the dream of becoming engineer or not.
After a year students from freshman class year flooded the institute building with complaints and accusation. This scenario followed after 650 students graded F out of 1000 students for their non major course. Following that few student’s contacted me to take them to our director and discuss these issue. During my heated discussion with the institute administration guys I observed a lack of awareness about the consequence of their action. As one of the directors addressed the students he said “our priority is to produce quality students by deducting as much as student we can”. The main reason they provided for their firm stance was that the government is sending incompetent students and to assure quality they just have to be eliminated.
Well to some extent the administrators might be right but one thing they fail to consider is no matter how many students they eliminate the government won’t stop to place and flood the institute beyond their imaginable capacity. At the same time one thing they fail to understand is that students are being tutored by teachers who are not capable of delivering the quality the administration vowed to provide. Students are sharing resources with a ratio that you can’t begin to imagine. The only option to clean up this mess and to make sure it won’t happen again is lifting up the load each institute is subjected regarding enrollments capacity, while at the same time building a system that favors student benefits more than teachers. Unlike the old days now is the time to hear the students and to give opportunity rather relying on not competent teachers who are self centered and who don’t give a shit about the whether the students make to the top or not.
If we fail to adapt a new strategic plan and start to center our focus on students then our wall won’t be differ from the wall of Babylon with the ultimate fate of collapsing. So ministry of education, university administrators and students need to come up with one language that will clarify their misunderstanding and that language is empowering the students.


Once up on a place i don’t know if there was a time when God created man anyways God created man and I think he added woman so that man can stop complaining about his loneliness. After that God gave human a fruit called freedom while banning them not to steal or dare to eat from the garden of Eden some sort of fruit. Then Adam and eve start to taste the fruitdom that they were allowed to have a taste after they taste it they find it very delicious and become tempted to taste the banned one in hope of finding the banned one also delicious than allowed one.
Unfortunately the taste was very bad and God was aware of the fact that they disobeyed his order as a result they were thrown from the garden of eden.eve and Adam start to multiply in number creating their own kind and they keep telling their own children saying don’t you ever taste the fruit of freedom other than your own. Well the signal and strength of the message got weaker and weaker because people were griddy as a result they start fooling others saying God told Adam to tell us to build a ladder called government so that we can provide fruitdom from a big tree called country. In that way we can avoid others from eating the fruitdom of others. And here I am standing on a ground staring at a big tree called Ethiopia while watching my government eating my own fruitdom and the others too.i beg the government to come dawn and allow me to have my fruitdom but they kept saying “others will cut the tree not only eating your shares so which one do you choose” and I reply saying “it’s an old fashion creed that you are trying to fool us so I ask you again please come dawn from the tree?”