Doomsday Diary

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be in the eve of doomsday? Well from , I never thought about it not because I don’t believe on it; rather fear of knowing how stressful it can be was my only reason. The ironic thing about doomsday eve is that we will only be able to feel it on the actual day of the event and am also skeptical about that. On the actual day of the event people will be nicer than ever before or compassionate to one another with the hope of issuing their ticket to heaven, the value of money will devaluate to a historical all time low, all the military vehicles that used to mobilize soldiers to a war front will start to be packed with peoples who want to make their destination to religious site in which they believe to get redemption from their sin. Like football coaches rush up during final hours of transfer window closing preachers, imams, priests and Buddha monks will also rush up to convert people to a religious sect that can gave them the ultimate winning prize in order to heir the kingdom of heaven. But let me just take you in a tour to what my day will possibly look like if I happen to live on doomsday eve. First I will make sure I have updated my bible on my future blackberry or I-phone.for my final day in earth I would like to have omelet dish for breakfast and Doro Wot for lunch after that I want to listen few songs that can give me a free ride on a memory lane for instance Tupac, Teddy Afro, Eminem and Sam Cooke will definitely be among my choice. Unlike all the other times I won’t be adding mid-day nap to my schedule because there will be a lots of things to catch up with, knowing the world won’t survive the next day.


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