Digital Crush

Your life can turn in any unprecedented way but that doesn’t mean you really need to stop planning your future. A year before I never thought that I will be exchanging message in a daily basis with someone that I really don’t know personally. This girl became my first digital crush I have had and am obsessed in getting message daily from her.eventhough I don’t have any clue what might she possible look like am in love with her short way of writing and ideas she raises. No matter how eager I am to meet or see her we still remain distant relatives. For this summer I promised her to buy her ice-cream, black coffee, take her to nice restaurant and have a nice dinner, order a wine from a year that I or my father was not born. In turn she promised to take me to the beach and have a sand walk with bare foot printing our moments in the sand that will erase it in less than 24 hours but not from our heart, the moon shading its light on us like we are some big stage performing sopranos, the stars flashing their lights like paparazzi and the wind clapping with its breath for our romantic performance. This all fancy dream and wish might be smashed with the fact that it’s a digital crush and with the uncertainty whether someone is impersonating or not. But it can also be the new way of enduring relation with someone else that you don’t know personally but that shares the common value of interest with you. Message in a bottle might have been the old way of exchanging messages among someone on the other side of the offshore and message in a screen is the current way of exchanging message with someone who can possibly be thousand miles away from you but who have the potential to become the love of your life.


2 thoughts on “Digital Crush

  1. Digital crush lol i like the title!
    Anyways i totally get what you mean, when talking to someone you don’t really know but always text .And you get to know that person slowly ,then in a coupla weeks your always looking at your phone like a crazy person to check if you got a new text every 10 mins.But that person could definitely be kidding and having fun, that person could be just playin with you and you just dont know and you cant find out in any way. And that could make you hold back a little but still i think it is better to take a chance and see how that could go.

    • i took the risk and it worked and am super happy for havin ma first half and hour phone conversation and ma first fastest half and hour time.i think i know what relativity theory try to imply better

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