Devaluating The Price of Freedom

Professor Haile Gerima one of the highly renowned independent film maker stated in one of his interviews that Ethiopians are becoming victim of mental slavery despite the fact that they are the grand children of free people who saved the nation from the threat of colonization. From my point of view I define mental slavery as a rejection of our own identity and values for the sake of unrealistic economic benefit. I have never thought that I will be subjected to racism from my native land that raised me with a story of Adwa and a place where our founding fathers broke their neck and spill their blood to give us a hope of light while colonization eclipse the rest of the Africa continent. As far as I know segregation was an issue in nation like USA back in the 60’s where black people where not entitled to enjoy the fruits of freedom as that of whites but after I encountered few scenarios I reconsider my thought and concluded that segregation is starting to exist in a new shape even in a nation that ought to be free. Some people might see my expression as an exaggeration and I used to be like them until I was singled out and searched while the ferenjis where free to enter at one of mekelle hotel that uses a typical Ethiopian name called “Axum” in contrast to its racial act. The above incident was a good manifestation of neglecting our own kind and worshiping ferenjis. Even in my campus teachers and administration peoples strive up and down only if the ferenji guy told them to do so otherwise they don’t give a shit about the student problem. As a result of this we also start to have confidence in the ferenji guys rather than our abesha guys who were ought to comprehend our issues more than anyone else .right at this moment Ethiopians are selling a negative brand name of our own negligence to our own people with a cover of hospitality .nothing wrong with comforting ferenjis with hospitality but when it passes it’s limit mental slavery will become our brand replacing our historic independence as a black society


2 thoughts on “Devaluating The Price of Freedom

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  2. Abel, you raised such great topic. I have encountered more than a handful similar moments. I am in the international community. I am usually frustrated with the unhealthy reaction of the Ethiopian society when it comes to foreigners.

    To start with, it is not comfortable to be treated specially – though sometimes too much. They have got too much attention just because of their skin color. that sucks big time. The thing is: no matter how long they live in the country they are always a ferenji. Considering them as a rich and having two kind of prices in market places and entrances are so awful.

    But as you already mentioned, the worst is to get way less treatment and gave them more just with biased thinking. I encountered the same problem in respected places like Hilton hotel (not anymore though, Hilton Hotel sucks and its guards). Once my friend used internet, he was picked up and asked him to go out because he was just habesha.

    The guy from GizeBar in Kazanchise told me they don’t have the cake i was looking for, just because i was a minority habesha guy in the bar (majority of people are europeans), 30 seconds after i sent my girlfriend to ask the same thing (she is german) and he provided her. In some places forced me to get checked in the entrance but my European friends were passed without any checking.

    Even, in barcamp, they didn’t let many people without a card in the pharmacy “gebi”, i noticed some Europeans got without the card. I asked the guard to treat everyone equally. I am not sure, if he accepted my proposal.

    I loved your title “Devaluating The Price of Freedom” that’s pretty much it is. I call it “domestic Racism” – One thing we all should fight! Thanks for bringing up the subject!

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