Doomsday Diary

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be in the eve of doomsday? Well from , I never thought about it not because I don’t believe on it; rather fear of knowing how stressful it can be was my only reason. The ironic thing about doomsday eve is that we will only be able to feel it on the actual day of the event and am also skeptical about that. On the actual day of the event people will be nicer than ever before or compassionate to one another with the hope of issuing their ticket to heaven, the value of money will devaluate to a historical all time low, all the military vehicles that used to mobilize soldiers to a war front will start to be packed with peoples who want to make their destination to religious site in which they believe to get redemption from their sin. Like football coaches rush up during final hours of transfer window closing preachers, imams, priests and Buddha monks will also rush up to convert people to a religious sect that can gave them the ultimate winning prize in order to heir the kingdom of heaven. But let me just take you in a tour to what my day will possibly look like if I happen to live on doomsday eve. First I will make sure I have updated my bible on my future blackberry or I-phone.for my final day in earth I would like to have omelet dish for breakfast and Doro Wot for lunch after that I want to listen few songs that can give me a free ride on a memory lane for instance Tupac, Teddy Afro, Eminem and Sam Cooke will definitely be among my choice. Unlike all the other times I won’t be adding mid-day nap to my schedule because there will be a lots of things to catch up with, knowing the world won’t survive the next day.


Digital Crush

Your life can turn in any unprecedented way but that doesn’t mean you really need to stop planning your future. A year before I never thought that I will be exchanging message in a daily basis with someone that I really don’t know personally. This girl became my first digital crush I have had and am obsessed in getting message daily from her.eventhough I don’t have any clue what might she possible look like am in love with her short way of writing and ideas she raises. No matter how eager I am to meet or see her we still remain distant relatives. For this summer I promised her to buy her ice-cream, black coffee, take her to nice restaurant and have a nice dinner, order a wine from a year that I or my father was not born. In turn she promised to take me to the beach and have a sand walk with bare foot printing our moments in the sand that will erase it in less than 24 hours but not from our heart, the moon shading its light on us like we are some big stage performing sopranos, the stars flashing their lights like paparazzi and the wind clapping with its breath for our romantic performance. This all fancy dream and wish might be smashed with the fact that it’s a digital crush and with the uncertainty whether someone is impersonating or not. But it can also be the new way of enduring relation with someone else that you don’t know personally but that shares the common value of interest with you. Message in a bottle might have been the old way of exchanging messages among someone on the other side of the offshore and message in a screen is the current way of exchanging message with someone who can possibly be thousand miles away from you but who have the potential to become the love of your life.

Devaluating The Price of Freedom

Professor Haile Gerima one of the highly renowned independent film maker stated in one of his interviews that Ethiopians are becoming victim of mental slavery despite the fact that they are the grand children of free people who saved the nation from the threat of colonization. From my point of view I define mental slavery as a rejection of our own identity and values for the sake of unrealistic economic benefit. I have never thought that I will be subjected to racism from my native land that raised me with a story of Adwa and a place where our founding fathers broke their neck and spill their blood to give us a hope of light while colonization eclipse the rest of the Africa continent. As far as I know segregation was an issue in nation like USA back in the 60’s where black people where not entitled to enjoy the fruits of freedom as that of whites but after I encountered few scenarios I reconsider my thought and concluded that segregation is starting to exist in a new shape even in a nation that ought to be free. Some people might see my expression as an exaggeration and I used to be like them until I was singled out and searched while the ferenjis where free to enter at one of mekelle hotel that uses a typical Ethiopian name called “Axum” in contrast to its racial act. The above incident was a good manifestation of neglecting our own kind and worshiping ferenjis. Even in my campus teachers and administration peoples strive up and down only if the ferenji guy told them to do so otherwise they don’t give a shit about the student problem. As a result of this we also start to have confidence in the ferenji guys rather than our abesha guys who were ought to comprehend our issues more than anyone else .right at this moment Ethiopians are selling a negative brand name of our own negligence to our own people with a cover of hospitality .nothing wrong with comforting ferenjis with hospitality but when it passes it’s limit mental slavery will become our brand replacing our historic independence as a black society

10:30am to Mother

10:30am to mother
It almost been 4years since I joined campus and throughout all these years lots of things have changed. One of the areas that is undergoing throughout dramatic change is the rise in the number of students who are becoming addicted to drugs. Just in front of mekelle main campus there used to be small shops and coffee houses before they became engulfed by new khat houses. The immergence of new khat houses is the first thing that captures your eyes in front of the main campus. The dramatic growth of addicted students has compelled the business sector to shift their business focus in opening more clubs, pubs and khat houses which are mainly being dominated by students.
One of the khat houses situated across the street in front of arid campus is called Mother. The owner of Mother khat house is an old lady, because of her grace and compassion towards her student customers named her house as Mother. Mother khat houses has two large rooms with the capacity to serve 15-20customers at a time, of which most of these customers are students.eventhough it is difficult for students to pay their daily drug consumption expense, mother is so compassionate towards her customers that she gives them credit to be paid when the students receive money from their family.
It’s only 10:30am in the morning when ‘mother’ starts her preparation to open her khat houses,her student customers sit on the porch wondering how they will cover their expense of the day while observing passersby in case they get lucky with a friends contribution.
At around 1:00pm ‘Mother’ becomes crowded with customers. Starting from 1:00pm until 7:30pm students will chew khat. during the duration of our stay in the khat house, some students study while others preferred to take themselves into a state of hallucination and others liked to discuss issues ranging from unfair treatment in campus to whether Osama Bin Laden death is being faked or not.
Just before 8:00pm ‘mother’ collects the bills from her customers while reminding her creditors to pay their bill so that she can operate smoothly for the next day.8:15pm just after the crowd dispersed from ‘Mother’, another journey will start to the liquor store and marijuana brokers.
Khat by its nature is stimulant as a result of this; people find it harder to sleep at night-unless they drink alcohol. Even though lack of money is one headache to student consumers it doesn’t stop them from consuming locally produced vodka which has high alcoholic content and is a risk to healt.the desperate need of meeting the financial demand of drug consumption is encouraging students to become involved in illegal activities such as stealing thing from their dorm mates and bargaining their own possessions.
So far, addicted students have been considered as a part of society who is better off with what they have. When teachers confront addicted students outside campus, their immediate reaction will be evoking the thought of hammering the student with their academic result rather than trying to approach and understand the student problem. In a university like mekelle which accommodates over 20,000 regular students and which is also considered as one of the top ranking universities across the nation, absence of established facilities that provide counseling and recreation is not an excusable act. If the university aims to achieve academic quality, then reducing the rate of drug addicts and eliminating factors that facilitate the growth of addiction should be given priority.