from shelve to coffin

About a year ago, I held a discussion about the culture and power of reading at bar camp Ethiopia. During the event, we argued about the importance of reading that we fail to recognize. But on the contrary one person gave his own opinion about book reading what he said was “now a days we live in a globe that’s predominated by electronic medias and technology where one person is able to comprehend things easily using motions pictures, audio and of course surfing in the vast ocean of the internet”. as a result he said “there is no point of me wasting time in reading a book while I have got millions of options that enables me to easily comprehend things”
Analyzing the above person opinion, I find it a very wrong pizza of opinion being made from many other wrong slices of opinions. What this person fail to understand was that he totally forgotten that we live in a nation where the electronic media status is no better than a person in comma, we live in a nation where internet censorship is highly rated from other sub-Saharan nation, where the speed is indirectly correlated with its price while 0.something % of the population have got access only for the internet.
It is a well-known fact that in technology, westerns have travelled many lights of years away from us but that does not mean they are abandoning the secret ingredient of their success. Still the western world writes, publishes, and reads countless number of books. For a lot’s of successful personalities the habit of reading can be termed as their fifth building block of their humanity.
A lot can be said about extinction of the culture of reading beside our poverty. However, the recent price fix by the government over printing Medias is enough tools to demonstrator that we are sending books from their respected shelve to a coffin for burials. Those people who would like to read, write, and publish will be mourning as they have lost a good relative that once have been their faithful friend. This faithful friend of them once have also been a good friend of mine he advices me how to talk to a girl, how to solve issues, how to keep my health, how to give back and take from my environment and I will be waiting for its resurrection.


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