The idea of change is something that bothers some grid and corrupted peoples because they do not want think, see or confront the life after change. There are also those who always strive, risk what they have to see a better world not only for them but also for their future generation. For me ,peoples who seeks change value more than any scientists ,author ,artists and any professionals who don’t preach about the idea of change in their sector rather who remain complacent by their personal unsatisfied need.
It always surprises me to see people having a gut to sail on a system of bureaucracy and ideology that is drowning our nation into sea of poverty deeper and deeper. Nobody seems to realize that we are only importing eivilization but not civilization to our nation. We are seeing but not observing, we are shouting and making noise but not reaching out, we are ignoring when our fellow citizens are being abduct and executed by a ruthless virus. Minds that flourish the fruit of change are being bombarded with jealousy, oppression and corruption. I wonder why we only pick up the virtue of honesty, trust, caring and goodwill when we only go to church or mosque like our spiritual clothes. The network of honesty, caring, perseverance and patriotism is becoming offline outside church and mosque compound.
We do not have to remain apathetic and disenchanted when we are the only one to start our change pilgrimage to the destination of freedom trust me others will follow, we will grow in numbers, we will brought down those pirates that attacked our sanity ship that have been sailing in the sea of calmness for 3000 years.


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