Pardon for no crime

Recently Ethiopian incumbent has released political prisoner Birtukan mideksa following her pledge for pardon. Following her release there was a mixed feeling and response by her supporters. Some of her followers opposed her pledge for pardon; they also see it as a sign of weakness in her struggle against oppression. While others agree that, the release of Birtukan by its self was enough tools to demonstrate the government control over the judiciary.
Not only are many of us who attentively follows the development of Ethiopia politics but also for those who do not follow politics, Birtukan not a new name. She joins Ethiopian political arena following the imprisonment of Seye Abrha, despite the decision that she rendered as a high court judge in freeing him from his corruption charges, which were believed to be political, motivated. In 2005, Birtukan became very active in engaging herself in Ethiopian politics; she also became prominent figures of the then CUD party who claims a landslide victory against the incumbent despite they have been ruled out of the Ethiopian politics in a strategic and oppressing ways. Following these historic elections, constituents have been intimidated, politicians were incarcerated and journalists have been forced to exile from their home country.
Following 2005 election trauma Birtukan was incarcerated along with other prominent figures of CUD leaders. During their imprisonment, even though CUD leaders remain firm and united in their stance their unity did not last after their release. After being released, all of them made a decision that suits their interest in order to strength their struggle. politicians like Birhanu Nega fled from their home country and made it clear to the Ethiopian people that arm struggle is the only option to overthrow Meles party, while others politicians like lidetu, engineer Hailu Shawel and professor Mesfin preferred a peaceful protest . Despite Ethiopians people great anxiety for change disintegration of CUD politicians casted a shadow of hopelessness in the heart of their millions supporters. even though millions of people remained apathetic and disenchanted in their country politic ,Birtukan remained as the only source of light of hope for those who still prefer to resume their freedom journey in Ethiopian dimmed politics .her incarceration have done a great deal of damage by revealing the incumbent oppression prior to the rigged and fixed 2009 election.
The 2009 election might be stated as peaceful but in what terms can we define peaceful. From the election context peaceful was only the absence of violence. The government has done its best in silencing the sounds of peaceful politicians, artists, journalists prior to the Election Day; they have also invested millions of birr from the public pocket to paint their black image with their so-called color of democratic election. So it became as no surprise for anyone to witness a landslide victory in a battle ground where the opponent where denied the basic tools that EPRDF entitled to have as an election contestant.
Nearly a month ago the Ethiopian government announced the release of Birtukan Mideksa following her plead for pardon for the second time. The pardon was given to Birtukan for the second time, which invokes a question about the independence of judiciary system from the incumbent. Finally, the imprisonment of Birtukan was an action taken to prevent Birtukan from issuing her ticket for 2010 election.


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